Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sadly it is time to leave the wilderness, however it is exciting to be on the next leg of our mystery tour. Where to today?????
Our cabins were very comfortable (with heaters) thank goodness as it is getting very cold at night.

The cabins were in a delightful setting with...

plenty of kangaroos and....

wallabies. See the little joey in the pouch, we had to hold bear back from climbing in there too.

Bear was safely tucked into the luggage compartment with a good view out of the back window.

Off we went down the narrow dirt road but it was very picturesque.

We crossed over many water crossings.

We were on our way to Chinchilla via Roma. Bear waved to some emus and she liked their long legs because she has long legs.

After more than three hours bear was happy to get out of the car and visit The Big Rig, which is a museum about the history of oil drilling in Roma. After another three hours we were at our next destination...Chinchilla.


  1. This is a big adventure you are going on. I loved the line "she liked their long legs because she has long legs." It is such fun the way you take the trouble to see the world from here point of view.

  2. I really wish I was on this trip with you!! New sights and adventures around every bend. Little joeys!! The cabins look very nice. And the moss garden and gorge from the previous post is gorgeous!! Your friend has planned such a fun trip for y'all.

  3. I enjoy your blog very much. Bear is becoming my hero, very brave and an excelent navigator. You would be lost without bear.

  4. It looks like a gorgeous drive. I enjoyed seeing the kangaroos, wallabies and emus. The little joey is so cute.

    From the way BB is bundled up it must be cold.

  5. Love Bear's outfits and the kangaroos? Amazing!

  6. Hi Diane, What a wonderful birthday trip you are having.... I love those little cabins and it would be amazing for me to see the Kangaroos... Love that baby in the pouch... What a cutie!!!!

    What a beautiful route you took to your next setting... I am enjoying this trip so much.