Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Into the Wilderness

We were lucky. The rain stopped and the road opened into Carnarvon Gorge. It is in Central Queensland in a remote area without phone, TV or internet connection. We stayed at The Carnarvon Widerness Resort. 
It is a walker's paradise. There are many walks, long, short, difficult and easy. We chose a fairly easy walk to the Moss Garden and Amphitheatre. We took a provided cut lunch with us.

We walked along the floor of the Gorge and hugged the big trees.

We crossed the streams and looked up at the tall walls of the gorge.

Then we entered a side gorge and climbed many steps and stairs.

At the end of the walk was the Moss Garden, an area where water is continuously dripping through the porous rocks.

There was a pretty little waterfall, which I found difficult to capture due to the strong contrast of bright sunlight and dark caves.

We sat and had lunch at the lookout under the rainforest canopy. Then we continued on to the next side gorge.

At the end we had to climb a staircase to enter the Amphitheatre through a narrow space between the rock walls.
Inside was dark and eerie but awe inspiring.

The walk took us most of the day and we knew it would be too much for Birthday Bear so we left her in the cabin to rest up for the long journey tomorrow, wherever that may be. Our friend Ann who organised our tour keeps it a secret until the morning we leave. 


  1. Great travelogue Diane.
    The photography is amazing and most enlightening for your many viewers - must be the educationalist part of you coming to the fore? So pleased that you were not all lost in the wilderness, I have a map out following your trip and keep wondering where will the next report come from.
    Colin (HB)

  2. We were there years ago, it's all coming back to me now. Many thanks for that, extremely well done.

  3. Wow! What a great adventure!
    Breathtaking and amazing photos!

  4. Wow---what a gorgeous place, Diane....Loved the Amphitheatre... WOW---how awesome!!!

    Loved the waterfall also---but you knew I'd say that... ha...

    The Moss Garden --with the dripping water must have been awesome...

    Big HIKE, huh???? Bet you slept good that night!!!!!

    Loved seeing the Carmarvon Gorge --and glad you got there.

  5. Wow! Great pictures. Birthday Bear really missed out today. Maybe he/she had some fun back there that you guys don't know about. Ever think about that? Huh?



  7. These are just stunnting pictures, and you are all pretty brave for climbing that scary looking staircase! I think it might have frightened Birthday Bear, good thing you left him home to rest.

  8. Wow now I know why people rave about the place. I've got to go there. Thanks so much for the photos.

  9. Wonderful! Once more! The journey of a lifetime (for me) for I'm sure I would never get to do this ever and now I am.

    Thank you

  10. Wow, the last photo of the amphitheatre is amazing. I am so glad it stopped raining so you could visit the gorge. It is all beautiful.

  11. Wowzer! And I always knew you were a "tree hugger" (that's a compliment in MY book :-)

  12. It looks a very unusual and interesting place - I've not heard of it before.

  13. We were lucky enough to stay in the Gorge campground (now closed, I think) many years ago! It's an incredible spot!!

    Thanx for linking up (old posts welcomed - feel free to link again if you have any others) - hope it sends some new readers your way!