Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today we did a day trip on a LARC (Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo) vehicle.
We drove for 35 k along the beach and through several inlets.

Bear enjoyed it when we went in the water.

We stopped for morning tea and bear climbed a tree to look at the splendid view.

After morning tea we were back in the LARC and climbed up the hill to Busted Head Lighthouse and passed these grass trees.

Bear is lucky he doesn't have to walk.

Coming down the hill was exciting with glorious views of Bustard Bay. 

It was a bit scary because look who's driving???

We stopped by a steep sand dune to do some sand boarding.

Bear watched how to do it.

...and he was brave enough to have a go.

Wow what a day! That's enough LARCing for today.


  1. Bear, you are my hero! Way to go on all the adventuring.

    An English Girl Rambles

  2. Wonderful pics and story...... looking forward to the next instalment.
    Remember being in Pancake Creek there in our boat a couple of times.

  3. What an adventurous bear.

  4. SkyLARCing again. MC

  5. You now have 92 followeres. I found you on SquirrelQueens sidebar. I saw the title of your blog and said to myself, At Last someone else like me. when I got here, you are more like me than I thought. I love photography and great short stories to go with it. You have it all. there are 3 places i would go in the world, England, Scotland and Austrailia if I were able to. I will be back and check out more of your stunning photostories of your country. Bear in the tree looks a little worn out to me. I almost forgot to say I have never seen a larc and i sure would like to ride on it.

  6. Bear is soo brave..not to mention photogetic..and your adventure is getting more glorious each day - how exciting!

  7. You live in the most beautiful land. The grass trees were amazing to look upon!


  8. Sounds like you're having almost as much fun as bear. You really ought to make these into a book.

  9. How tall are those "grass trees"? They look like they belong under the ocean!

    Your LARC adventure was pretty amazing. BB really did a lot today too. I think driving was the most exciting, especially since he can't even see over the dashbord! I'm glad everyone survived the trip...

  10. Hi Diane, Wow----a 'larc-in' you go!!!!!! Looks like so much fun. Whoever planned this trip did a great job.. WELL---don't think I'd want Birthday Bear driving the LARC though!!!!! ha ha

    Have fun.

  11. Now you have 93 followers, I'm right behind Sandra! She is my best blogging buddy, but you are also following some of my other good blogging friends, The Road to here, and Joyful Reflections. You have no idea how much I'm enjoying bear's journey!!! You have brought a great big smile to my face! I love whimsy and all things fun. I will be checking out some of your older posts, just to get to know you a bit better. I am 61 and live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with my husband, Phil. My blog's theme is how I see God working in my everyday life, which is never boring!

  12. P.S. Those mystery craters really interest me, and Bustard Bay gives me pause. Because back in history there used to be a big bird called a bustard, any connection?

  13. I am loving your mystery tour. I just wish I was there.

  14. Thoes craters are interesting! And Bustard Bay look amazing! Glad you're all having a good time.
    Give my love to the bear
    Back to work I go...

  15. what a clever and brave little bear :)

  16. One could never tire of that view of Bustard Bay.

  17. I'm so enjoying the trip from Birthday Bear's perspective. You are showing me that I must get up to Queensland for a wayfaring trip ... there is so much I don't know about up that way.

  18. Diane,

    The bear is showing me things I did not know about Queensland, and me a Queenslander.....!!!