Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Now that we are home, I would like to share some more photos and info about the places we visited.
After Gympie we stopped at one of the oldest towns in Queensland, MARYBOROUGH.  It was settled in 1847 and it was a major immigration port. It sits on the banks of the Mary River and is famous for its preserved colonial architecture.
Customs House (now a museum)

Post Office

St Mary's Church

Court House

The main industries are engineering, sugar and timber. It is 255k/158m north of Brisbane.

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  1. G'day from Global Gossip in Darwin. I am so totally zonked but what a blast of a trip! Our leaders were Barb & Mike who were pretty good. Finish off tomorrow evening with a sunset cruise on the harbour here on an old lugger. Used up one 8gig card and about 100 images into the second card. Maybe a total of 1600 images!! What a job awaits me over the next week!

    Back in regular touch after Thursday. Grand-baby still in pouch.

  2. That's a lovely set of buildings. I have never spent any time in Maryborough.

  3. If I wouldn't know that you are living in Australia, I would think these pictures are from some place in England. The first immigrants really created a new "UK" ! The architecture is exactly the same.

  4. It sounded like you had such a lovely time on your trip. Your friend did a terrific job on planning that getaway. Glad to see more of your travel pictures. Such beautiful buildings today!

  5. What a beautiful old town, Diane. I do love the architecture there. Bet the museum is interesting.


  6. I love old buildings and these are really really pretty! What an adventure!

  7. You have done an excellent job of photographing these beautiful buildings. I wish I could see them all in person!

  8. I'm in love with the yellow triangular post office!! And did you go into the museum? The stained glass windows look like they would be so pretty! Each and every building is wonderful to look at.

  9. Hi Diane, thank you for your visit. You must have had a beautiful holiday seeing all this interesting towns. I think Maryborough is one of the prettiest towns. Also the old Queenslanders are beautifully maintained. I was there when I went to Frazer Island and Whale watching. I would like to go up there again walking around the old towns. Your photos are beautiful and interesting.
    About ironing the teatowels, no I have never ironed mine. I know there are people around who iron their facewashers. The worst to iron the sheets! I do not know if they still do! I always had better things to do. Enjoy the rest of the week. T.

  10. Magnificent buildings. I would love this place.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  11. Maryborough is really beautiful! It's always nice to see older buildings so well preserved.

  12. Great photos Diane beautiful must be a little tired after the mystery tour...what great friends you son is off to New Guinea this month to work for a few years....