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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adventure in Europe PART 3 ( Scotland cont.)

Wednesday 20 August

The next day we drove along The Great Glen passing wonderful scenery and...

......sheep with black faces.

We stopped at Fort William for lunch.

We passed Loch Ness but didn't see Nessy,

however we did spy a bagpipe busker.

In the evening we reached Stonehenge a lovely fishing village. After booking into a new B&B we went for .........

....a walk along the waterfront.

We had a great feed of fish at the local pub and enjoyed the long twilight.
The next day it was raining so we ditched the idea of taking the scenic route to Edinburgh and went on the motorway. It didn't take long before we were there.
Thursday 21 August

The Firth of Forth bridges.

We were too early to book into our B&B so we left the car there and caught a bus into the city, where the Edinburgh Festival was in full swing.

We walked along the Royal Mile together with millions of others.

There were performers every few metres.

At the end of The Royal Mile is the famous castle, where the Tattoo will be tonight.
Friday 22 August

At the othe end of The Royal Mile is the Holyrood Palace, where the Queen stays when she is in Edinburgh.

A Palace Guard??? The only thing he guards is his video camera!!

At the rear of the palace are the ruins of an abbey. Then we caught a bus (with our day pass for 2 pounds 50) to Leith, where the Royal Yacht Brittania is now a museum.

The Queen's sitting room on the yacht.

The queen's bedroom on the yacht.
Saturday 23 August

After two nights in Edinburgh at this B&B it was time to move on.
Goodbye beautiful Scotland. Hello ........
......back in England again.


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  2. Beaut pics as per usual Diane.

  3. Scotland was beautiful, but YAY, England here we come!

  4. Beautiful pictures once again!

    I pray that my sweet hubby and I can trace your footsteps one day on this magnificent trip!

    To answer your question the other day about posting secrets.....

    I use the option on Blogger that allows me to load five pictures at a time.....You just click add another image, and it will let you choose five.....and I choose them in the order that I want them to go.....Then on the post where I have more than five (which is most days) I choose five more (in order) and then Blogger loads them at the top of the post again....All I do at that point is copy all five...and then paste them underneath the first five...and so on.....Does that make sense? If not, let me know, and I will try to explain it a different way.

    I'm off now to your next post.

    God Bless,

  5. I just LOVED Scotland, the Scots and their accents were just so friendly!

    We drove to St Andrews, through Perth and Edinburgh, soooo old and full of ancient history. The very rocks of the castle ruins felt so amazing.

    Yes, we tried on those scottish hair hats as well!



  6. So wonderful blog,all places you've visted are great and beautiful

  7. it's a lovely and wonderful blog ,I shall follow up your further piece of work