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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Sunday 17 August

We set off for Ayr in Scotland. Paul's ancestors are from Scotland and he had been here before chasing his roots and meeting cousins he had never seen. So he was our tour guide for this part of our holiday. He took us on a scenic route which was windy but pretty. We arrived in Ayr about 2.00pm and Paul took us to the B&B where they had stayed before and had been owned by his cousin.

It was very comfortable


Paul, getting carried away with his Scottish ancestry in a souvenir shop.

Monday 18 October

Robbie Burns Memorial.
Robbie Burns Cottage, where the famous poet was born.
Brig-a-Doon gardens
Brig-a-Doon (Bridge over the Doon River) made famous by one of Robbie Burns poems and a film.

Bill, Helen and Paul on the very old Brig-o-Doon.

We visited Culzean Castle. It has been renovated to the splendour it was in 1759.

We were invited to dinner at Paul's cousin's house.

Drinks before dinner with Ronald, Kathy, Paul and Helen.

Tuesday 19 August

We left Ayr and headed towards Brander Pass. We followed the Clyde for some time and....

took the car across on the ferry to .......


We passed many beautiful lochs.

and castles
This castle is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Argyle.
View from castle grounds.

Then we continued onto Brander Pass in the bleak and rugged mountains. We stayed overnight at the lodge, which was owned by a friend of Helen's.


  1. I love this because my grandmother was from Scotland and she talked about Brig-a-doon. Neat.

  2. Hi Diane, such beautiful old buildings. I bet the Brig-A-Doon Gardens were spectacular.I look forward to further installments.

  3. Your pictures are simply breathtaking.


    God Bless,

  4. What gorgeous photos, I now have goal to go and see Scotland once we are over there. I wanted to anyway, but now even more so.

    Oh you must feel so blessed to have seen so many beautiful places.