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Monday, October 20, 2008

Adventure in Europe 2008 PART 17 (Switzerland-Grindelwald, Kleine Scheidegg)

Monday 15 September
It is our last day here in Spiez, so we must go into the Alps and hope that the weather is not too bad. So we caught the train to Interlaken, where we had to change trains for Grindelwald and then change again for Kleine Scheidegg and if the weather is good we can even go higher to the top of the Jungfrau Mountain, the highest train station in Europe.

Can you guess? Bill loves trains especially with his daughter.

We are climbing up to Grindelwald but the mountains are shrouded in mist and clouds.

Paul is waiting for the train to Kleine Scheidegg in Grindelwald, I was too cross with the clouds to take any pics of the beautiful village of Grindelwald.

A map of the Jungfrau Region. Interlaken is at the bottom, between the two lakes. Grindelwald is to the left in the middle, Kleine Scheidegg is highlighted in red at the snowline. Jungfrau is the tallest mountain with the station highlighted in red.

We are starting to climb out of Grindelwald into the clouds. (Bah)

Getting higher and there are patches of sunlight. (spirits are rising)

We arrive at Kleine Scheidegg, the trip was magic but here the clouds are scurrying around the peaks and we can't see the mountains properly.

This is the famous Eiger, North Wall, covered in cloud.

This is what the Eiger and Monch mountains look like on a sunny day. (a postcard)

We couldn't see the Jungfrau through the clouds so we won't go any higher, as it would be a waste of money, we had lunch instead. (Sausage and Rösti, what else in the Swiss mountains)

After lunch Carol and I walked up the hill from the station and restaurant to see......
......the view, but those pesky clouds would not lift off the mountains.

Oh well we just have to enjoy the freshly fallen snow. Then we got back in the train and headed down, down, down........... Grindelwald nestling in the valley below. Then change trains again and go down, down.......... the lakes and our lovely little village of Spiez. I want to roll it up and take it home with me.


  1. Looks like an amazing trip... hope you guys are having a great time traveling!

    Grace, Jeremy

  2. i've been to Geneva once, november 2001. Would love to go there again.. Please visit my page, too.. (

  3. Hello Diane ! I am from India and happened to run into your blog when I was clicking the 'Next blog' link ! It led me to your blog , great pictures and an absolutely amazing country Switzerland .I esp liked the flowers beside the lake in your last post.
    Have a nice day .

  4. Oh words are coming to my mind to say how absolutely gorgeous that country is. Just incredible. Wonderful wonderful photos. Those mountains...they make our Rockies seem paleeven as beautiful as they are.

  5. What a difference a little altitude makes.;)

    It was still a beautiful view to me though...even with the clouds.

    I love the map that you shared. I am very visual, so that helped me a lot to be able to comprehend your train journey.

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Diane!

    To answer a couple of your questions...I am not able to read all of the links all of the time, but I love to share all the links of my bloggy friends, so that others can go visit them from time to time as well.

    And about the side bar thing....If this doesn't make sense, email me at, and I will try to help you more. I just created a new post (I just dated it for February so that it would be so far back people would not likely find it), and put the titles and links to all the posts about that topic, like the Mediterranean trip (which I am no where near done posting about). Then once I had all of the links on that post, I made a link to it and placed it on my sidebar. And now, each time I have a new post to add to it...I just go to edit posts...add the link...and publish...and it adds it to the same post....I'm sure this doesn't make a lot of sense. But if you're interested, email me...and I'll talk you through it...It would be a great idea for your blog to "group" your trips..That way new readers could find everything in order, and in one section.

    God Bless,

  6. Oh my those clouds are beautiul, even if they were pesky.

    It all looks so fairytail-ish.

    I really would love to see it all someday.

  7. hello diane and grüezi bill, have been frequenting your blog for quite some time (coming from cindy's canetoads *g*) and meant to leave a message a long time ago. i do love the photos of your whole trip and your text: it makes me see europe - especially britain, germany and certainly switzerland - anew ...

    i'll be back for sure :-) merci vielmals for sharing your holidays!


  8. PART 17??!!???

    Wow, you HAVE been busy Diane!

    What an astounding experience you guys must have had. (I bet you're glad you went when the Aussie dollar was healthier!)

    Going down in that train your ears must have popped a dozen times. Spectacular scenery.

    I'm a sucker for maps and that mountain one is a beauty! I collect a lot of drawn/painted/illustrated maps from all over the place. I promised myself I'll attempt one one day myself. (All stems from my childhood of drawing treasure maps for my little sister of the back garen I think...)

    Was sausage served with EVERYTHING?



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