Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As it was my birthday while we were away over the other side of the world, my friends and Birthday Bear waited for us to return to celebrate my birthday. So a month after my birthday we went to Baan Thai Restaurant. Bear had been dressed by Ann (she always has good ideas).  I am an ardent football (soccer) fan and the team I follow is the "Brisbane Roar," their colours are orange and maroon.

Birthday Bear waits patiently at Ann's house for us to return from USA. He has been practising his goal keeping skills. The Roar won the competition last season so I see bear is holding the cup.

I was blown away when I saw him at the restaurant. He looked so cute in his football strip.
I forgot my camera (again) so Helen and Ann provided the above shots. We didn't remember to take a photo of all of us.(doh- a collective senior moment)

Now he is home standing in the hallway looking very proud of himself.


  1. he must have missed you while you were away. happy belated birthday. travelling is a nice way to spend one's birthday isn't it?

  2. Always such fun reading about Birthday Bear and his exploits at your celebrations.
    And Happy Birthday and all the best for great things all the coming year.
    Love, Jan

  3. He looks very smart in his ROAR colours - Happy Belated Birthday wishes Diane! xx

  4. BB is looking tall and thin and handsome and ready to Play Ball..

  5. Very interesting and funny post.

  6. Happy Birthday, trust you would of had a wonderful day.
    It's a pain when camera is forgotten.
    The photos of your trip are lovely, nice and tranquil is that lake....

  7. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a happy one. Birthday Bear is looking quite sporty and I'm sure it makes you smile when see it!

  8. Happy birtihday!! Your group just has so much fun with this bear! He looks really cute wearing his football gear.

  9. I see your postponed-birthday celebration was a lot of fun, forgotten camera notwithstanding.
    Birthday Bear looks wonderful, and you must have been thrilled to see him after all that time on a continent where we think football means big guys, with helmets and big padding, head-butting one another for no apparent reason.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. Hi Diane, That is an adorable picture of you with the Birthday Bear. And how appropriate for YOU.... I know how much you love that football. (Of course in America, that is SOCCER and not FOOTBALL.... ha ha )

    Glad you were able to celebrate with your friends when you got home.

  11. Oh how adorable he is. This is such a neat idea and tradition. Thanks for letting Birthday Bear show off his stuff.

  12. I really like Birthday Bear's outfit. It's very appropriate for you. I was glad to read that senior moments aren't confined to this side of the world.

  13. Birthday Bear has many wonderful friends that treat him right and keep him dressed in the most wonderful designer outfits. :)
    A very belated Happy Birthday!

    Did I miss reading it or where did you spend your birthday?

  14. I'll bet that bear is a great conversationalist, too. :)

    Great costume. Happy bear-lated birthday.

  15. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
    Carletta, I didn't mention it on my posts before. I was actually in New York in the morning , on a bus most of the day and in Washington at night. I was given a box of chocolates from the tour company and a watch from hubby and gifts from bloggers Sara and Denise, who I was lucky enough to see on tour.

  16. How adorable and even though I was able to wish you a happy birthday face-to face the day after it took place, I'm still going to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! I love this tradition you have with Birthday Bear.

  17. What a fabulous surprise for you!!
    Birthday Bear looks super cool too.
    Rebel has been whinging at me as well, seems she's keen to reply to Birthday Bear ;-)

  18. I love reading about Birthday Bear's adventures. He loks great in his footbll strip. And a belated happy birthday to you of course.

  19. You are football fan ???? I can't believe it ! I hate it, I can't understand why running behind a ball makes people so hysterical, that they even kill each other ! I suppose you are a soft fan, lol !

  20. What a wonderfully appropriate outfit Birthday Bear donned in honour of your birthday day, for which, herewith my own belated good wishes, Diane! I can quite see why he was so insistent that you put up his photograph. We would have felt very left out, had we missed seeing him in all his finery and that cup is just too beautiful! No wonder he looks so tall and proud!

  21. I don't know what happened to the comment I've just left!

    Birthday Bear looked mighty fine in honour of your birthday, Diane! My very best wishes to you!