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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


On our bus tour across America, we stayed at West Yellowstone for two days. On the second day we drove through the Yellowstone N.P. to the Grand Teton N.P. and the town of Jackson, Wyoming. The Teton Mountains are majestic and beautiful. The view is not obstructed by foothills.

The bus and all vehicles that day were detoured to Colter Bay for a safety check. This took some time and the tour guide and driver were not happy but we were because we could get out of the bus and take photos and stroll around the Visitor Centre.

The bus passed the test and then we were on our way to Jackson Lake Lodge for lunch.

The view from the Lodge's picture windows was stunning.

View from the deck outside.

After lunch we drove on through the Jackson Hole (valley) until we reached this very western town of Jackson.

The archways to the town park are made of antlers (they shed from the animal every year).

This was a gobsmacking scene for us Aussies. Guns for sale in an ice cream parlour. We have very few shops selling guns, because the rules are extremely strict for owning, purchasing and selling firearms in Australia. I bought a delicious ginger ice cream here. Somebody who saw this photo told me they were paintball guns. Who knows?


  1. Jackson Hole is on my bucket list of places i would love to visit, thanks for this short visit.

  2. The Teton mountains are really great, a full horizon with mountains. The guns in an ice-cream shop is so weird and stupid.

  3. Your pictures of the Grand Tetons are gorgeous. That's another place on our list of places to visit. At this rate we'll never be home.
    Your last picture sure captures our gun culture.

  4. I LOVE the Tetons! I was so amazed to see them just "in your face" without any foothills. They are truly magnificent. I love Jackson Hole, too. I'm glad you and Bill go there. You surely did see the US on this tour. I wish I'd been able to go along in your pocket.

    Your photos are just stunning.

  5. Diane - your journey across America must have been an amazing experience. thanks for sharing your amazing photos with us. As I've said before i'll enjoy clicking back to see all the special places you visited. The last photo is crazy - imagine working there!

  6. Sorry for the deleted comment --too many spelling errors from my one hand typing (cut my finger yesterday and the bandage is getting in the way)

    I also thought the Grand Tetons were magnificent when we saw them a couple summers ago. We hiked up to Inspiration Point on one of them!

    Jackson was a picturesque town wasn't it? I think there is still a bit of the "wild west" flavor in Wyoming. The guns are used for hunting. Gun sales are common in the West and South of the US where hunting is a big part of the culture. Many of my Colorado daughter-in-law's student use to tell her that their dad's went wild rabbit, pheasant and deer hunting every weekend to put food on the table. Thankfully, guns are harder to buy in the North and East where the greatest population is.

  7. Looksblikeva supernplace to hike. I assume you started your America trip blog again from Sidney. Enjoy your stay with the family.


  8. Amazing mountains, aren't they? I keep telling my husband we really should start exploring North America because there are so many places, like the Tetons, that I've never seen.
    Your photos are gorgeous!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. Wow - Jackson Hole. What fantastic scenery and the township so well preserved!!
    Semi-automatics in an ice-cream parlour - really, the mind boogles at the thought. I never thought the two would mix!!!!
    Great blog, Diane and it would have been nice if you had not brought the Sydney weather north with you.

  10. NOW you're in my neck of the woods of growing up years. I lived in a small Idaho town on the west side of those peaks. So beautiful!

  11. Oh My Heart....Love seeing the Tetons... How fabulous.. They just take your breath away, don't they?

    Great pictures ---and another place on our long list... We are trying to work on a trip to the Yellowstone area in 2012... Hope we make it.

  12. Trying to catch up on the posts I've missed the last few days.
    That view out that picture window is awesome!
    Someone commented those guns were for hunting. Those don't look like hunting guns to me. :)

  13. Oh my gosh... in an icecream parlor? Yes, guns are used for hunting and it's a big sport out in that part of the country. It's sad that someone would "need" a semiautomatic weapon to hunt with. But what do I know.
    The view sure is beautiful!!! Glad you had some extra time to roam around and take pictures.

  14. Those mountains are so incredibly statuesque! They almost look like they are photoshopped, so grand are they!

  15. Mr. G. was more interested in the western towns as in the mountains. He had enough of them at the Garda lake, lol !
    As I see you finished your Sidney visit.

  16. This is so exciting to see all these pictures Diane. We stayed at Lake Jackson Lodge for a few days and I remember the view very well. It's where we woke up one morning and heard the wolves howling, so surreal, and saw a mother moose and her calf come near the observation deck. Can't wait to get out there again. Had our photos taken under the antler arch. Didn't go in that ice-cream parlor though. Great pictures you've got here. Thanks for stopping by my earthquake post. The birds are slowly coming back to my garden.

  17. Brings back great memories. I am gobsmacked" by the guns in the ice cream parlour too -- and not happy about it. I guess Wyoming still thinks it is in the Wild West. (The corner of the State that you are in here is the only part of Wyoming that we like. Other than the Tetons and Yellowstone it is our least favorite state.

  18. That scenery is truly awesome. That's what I love most about the USA is natures bounty.

  19. I'm just catching up on some of your posts. There are some really terrific photos in these posts....and this one especially. I'm enjoying your vacation!

  20. Diane, I am playing catch up here. I missed these post. I love your photos of the Tetons. They are beautiful mountains. Wonderful photos of the Tetons and Jackson. Now since looking at your pic's , I want to go there again.

  21. Thank goodness guns aren't sold from icecream shops in SA!

    Diane, your photography is astounding! The colour are so bold and rich...truly spectacular!

  22. Came across your blog by accident, and I noticed that those are all paintball guns in the picture, not real guns. Cheers!