Brisbane, QLD

Monday, September 13, 2010


This day was mostly a travelling day, driving east towards the Rocky Mountains.Unfortunately the smoke haze from the forest fires had increased and blotted out the scenery.
Luckily we had a roomy coach and everyone go along well and although we were disappointed we all tried to keep cheerful.

We stopped at the lookouts anyway to stretch our legs. Our tour guide told us what we should be seeing. "Down there is the beautiful Kamloops Lake."

However we could see some wildlife on the side of the road from the coach.

We stopped at Hat Creek Ranch, where we learnt about the Shuswap people and their traditions. The native people of Canada are no longer called indians. They are now known as First Nations people. We learnt how they fish and dry them. We learnt about their summer homes and.......

....their winter homes.

We went inside the winter home it was surprisingly warm under the ground. There was also an exit through the roof.

We wound up a mountain to the gorgeous little ski village of Sun Peaks, which was designed by a champion Canadian skier. The down hill run finishes at a ski through coffee shop where skiers can be refreshed without removing their skis.  

Sun Peaks reminded Bill of a Swiss ski village, especially this cute little covered bridge. Bill took his sore foot back to the hotel while I went for a walk through the forest with another friend.


  1. Hi Diane, Sorry about the fires in that area. I have a blog friend who lives in British Columbia --and she keeps talking about the fires (which are not too far from where she lives).

    Glad you enjoyed your day anyhow... I loved hearing more about the First Nations people and especially seeing their winter homes. Did you climb up that pole and go out through the roof?????? ha ha

    That little village (Sun Peaks) is gorgeous --especially the covered bridge. So --skiers can ski into the coffee shop for refreshments, huh??? Neat!!!!

    Thanks for another great post.

  2. Wow I didn't know they were having such a problem with fires up there. I should watch the news more. Colorado is having a time right now. Beautiful country. I'd love to do it.

  3. Ski-through coffee service is a great idea! All of the scenery (well, what's visible!!) is beautiful. Interesting notes about the First Nations people; you would have to be in pretty good shape to use that escape pole!

  4. Hi Diane, I am looking forward to catching up on all your posts. From these fabulous photos it looks like you had an equally fabulous time. Can't wait to read everything. A little late but welcome home :)

  5. Very interesting Diane. Irrespective of the forest (bush) fires the scenery is stunning.
    I bet if a Grissly came into that hut, you'd be up that pole like greased lightning! ha ha.
    Slowly but surely you are getting close to "where I will go GREEN"!
    Colin (HB)

  6. Diane -- again, the pictures are beautiful! Those fires are terrible this year.

  7. Hi Diane, I've just been catching up on your Canadian adventure. You got some fantastic photos and I know you both had a wonderful time from the looks of it. You make me want to visit Butchart gardens has been too long!

  8. Your photos are wonderful, Diane and your commentry makes me feel as if I'm with you on your trip. I love the chalets at Sun Peaks

  9. Lucky that the folks on the bus got along so well. Did you actually go with friends from here? I can visualise that BB felt right at home.

  10. Very nice. I love the bridge - so pretty. Nice to see wildlife. What a great winter home...

  11. I've never been over to Sun Peaks, it is a beautiful little village. Too bad about the smoke haze obstructing the views.

  12. The flowers all along the covered bridge just make it so beautiful!!! I like the alpine design of that ski village. what a fun coffee shop! :-) This smoke really is sad.