Brisbane, QLD

Friday, September 17, 2010


After walking on the glacier and having a snack we continued on by coach to Lake Louise, Alberta. We were driving on the Icefields Parkway one of the most picturesque drives in the world. It was a wonderful drive even though a little overcast.
Athabasca River

We pulled into a lookout over looking Peyto Lake, known for its astounding colour. (Caused by glacier flour as mentioned before)

A little further along we stopped at Bow Lake. Can you see the glacier in the mist?

Finally, we arrived at Lake Louise, our destination for the night. The mountain mist was continually rolling down the huge Victoria Glacier and then lifting almost to the top of the mountains. I was lucky to catch a moment as the mist was rising.
We were summoned for a group photo. Bill and I are in the middle, me with white hair and blue jacket, Bill with dark glasses and a black jacket. Valerie our super tour guide is in front.

Then it was off to find our rooms in this huge and grand Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

We had a talk by a retired "Mounty". He gave us the history of the force and he was quite humorous. In fact we found most Canadians had a good sense of humour.

The fabulous twilight view from our window.

That night, like many other nights, we had a Free Choice of restaurants for dinner. Bill was overjoyed to see there was a "Walliser Stube", a Swiss Restaurant. Our new found friends Lyn, Barry, Jill and Graeme were keen to join us there. We had a delicious gourmet meal. I was the lucky one to be facing the window and watched the mist dancing over the mountains. 
This was such a magical place and we wished we were staying longer than one night. I wanted to try the hiking trails but didn't manage it.


  1. Wow ... and wow again! I've been thoroughly enjoying all your photos and recollections about your trip. While I haven't been making many comments, I've been following every word. What a fabulous place!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    I knew it was coming - Lake Louise and the Chateau! I forgot to take my anti-green tablets this morning and I have gone the brighest of greens - Kermit, the Frog would be proud of my present complexion.
    What dear Diane is next?
    A look at the "Walliser Stube Restaurant" ???
    I can't go any Greener - surely not?
    Ah as good old Aussie bushranger said - "Such is Life" before he dangled.
    Really what an experience for the two of you - great reporting on the trip.
    Cheers ( I suppose!!!)
    Colin (HB)

  3. Lovely photos, Diane! I love the color of the lakes. Lake Louise is my favorite. I love the scenery and the view is ust gorgeous.

  4. You are right the bottom shot is wonderful, however the others are also lovely too. That was the view from your room .... what an awesome place to stay.

  5. The 'Walliser Stube' restaurant was ok but the Rösti' was a little too salty.

  6. Spectacular photos and I am sure even more so seen with the naked eye. The twilight photo would be my favorite, too, but all the rest are great also. Such beauty!


  7. What a beautiful landscape again ! your group was quiet big ! On my round trips we were never more than max 20 (only once in Greece) In Turkey we were only 8 that was great it was like a family trip.
    Where all the people from Australia ? On my Greece tour there were 2 Australian couples too.

  8. Wow--I guess this may be my favorite place so far that you all have visited.... unbelievable... Seeing that gorgeous green water and the glacier in the background is awesome. That last picture should be framed... Fabulous.... I need to remember Lake Luise--since maybe we will get there SOMEDAY... ha


  9. All the photos are great! What a wonderful trip! Love the unusual lake colours.Twilight from your window couldn't be better. Beautiful.

  10. What an amazing adventure you are having. I hope you get to see Emerald Lake, my very favorite in that area!!!

  11. Lake Louise is magical! The mist, the mountaisn the glacier, the water the trees...all make up such a scene of beauty beyond compare! What a wonderful vacation you and Bill had.

  12. Wowzers Diane!!!!! These photos are picture postcard perfect!!! I really enjoyed 'em all...even part 9 that I viewed while here also.

    But, most of all I love you and the Canadian Mountie!!!

  13. I agree... that is a lovely photo! How fun for Bill that there was a Swiss restaurant. I always wanted to see lake louise and now I'm having a great visit with you two. Thank you, Diane.

  14. Wow! That's some beautiful places you are visiting.

  15. Came back to visit the bottom image today ... it belongs on a box of chocolates the light is so lovely.

  16. Gosh, I just found your blog and gazed upon these beautiful photographs. I stayed in the Chateau Lake Louise as well, many moons ago, and ice skated on that gorgeous lake! Have a wonderful trip... Ree

  17. Wonderful landscape. Thank you for posting such beautiful photos, I'd never get to "see" these places otherwise.
    I like the Mounty!☺