Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, September 10, 2010


The mobile phone buzzed, jumped around and played an annoying tune. It was 5:30, time to get up, shower, and BBB. (Bags Before Breakfast). The tour was well organised, we would put our bags outside the room and we wouldn't see them again until inside the next hotel room. The breakfasts everyday were to be seen to be believed. (I don't know why I never took a photo of them.)

We boarded our colourful coach which would become home for the next seven days. We changed seats every day. We left Victoria and drove through Vancouver Island until we reached Nanaimo, where the coach drove onto a ferry.

The ferry took us across to the mainland at Horseshoe Bay.

Although misty, the scenery was wonderful where The Coastal Mountains tumbled into the sea. We had lunch on the ferry and sat next to two Canadian girls and it was interesting listening to their stories of life in Canada.

We were on the way to Whistler, where the 2010 winter olympics were held. Consequently the Sea to Sky Highway had been upgraded. This drive along Howe Sound is rated as one of the most scenic in the world and I can vouch for that.

We pulled off the road to take a short walk into the forest to view The Shannon Falls, the highest in BC.

Soon we arrived in the lovely ski village of Whistler. We had an hour to explore before our rooms were ready. Just about every shop, cafe and bar had an Australian working there. I think the Aussies have invaded Whistler. We had lunch in the above restaurant the next day while Bill waited to see a doctor. He had an infected toe and was starting to hobble around in pain. So we got it looked at before we headed into the boondocks.

In the afternoon we were off to The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, (the pink one in the background) our rooms were big and beautiful with a view of Blackcomb Mountain.

By now we were all starting to become friends and we had many enjoyable meals together. After dinner we had a presentation by Michel Allen, a world leader in Black Bear research. It was informative and entertaining. Tomorrow we are going to swing from peak to peak.


  1. Beautiful pics. Love the waterfall, love it all.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous. I've been scrolling through your recent posts, what a fantastic trip. Such a beautiful area. And your new head photo is amazing!

  3. Those mountains rolling down to the sea are stupendous.

  4. Interesting to see the sea mist and the short sleeves while on the ferry Diane.
    Waterfall absolutely amazing...
    I love your Profile pic

  5. Every day on this trip is just more and more wonderful, isn't it? Looks like you had some really nice travel companions too. I have never been to Whistler, so these pics were fun to see.

  6. Just a couple of old swingers, eh? Sailing up that sound would interest me. See the line up down the table brought back memories of the Kimberleys.

  7. That's the same with my round trips and the luggage, that's very easy. Only we always kept the same seat so that we could leave things in the coach and it was easier for the guide to count his sheeps !
    It's good that you mentioned that you were in Canada, the pictures could have been taken in Switzerland, Austria or Northern Italy, looks so familiar. Beautiful !

  8. Thank you once more for sharing with all of us.


  9. Bet you all have alot of new friends since that trip, Diane... That is so special!

    Wow---what a gorgeous waterfall. You knew I'd love that one. BUT--all of the scenery is gorgeous...I'd love to see that Whistler area. So beautiful!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Absolutely amazing photos you took of the scenery! LOVED the waterfall, too. I am so enjoying your trip from my easy chair!


  11. I'm glad the tour used the ferry rather than flying you back to the mainland. Traveling that way gives you some magnificent views. When you got to Vancouver you were just over a day's drive from where we live.

  12. Lovely tour. We took the ferry to Nanaimo once years ago and then drove back to Victoria. (I don't even think we had a camera on that trip, so I think we should go back!

  13. Great photos and description of your days; very interesting! Looks like you and all the others were having a terrific time. So nice sometimes to travel with others!

  14. Glad you had enough breakfast to keep you fuelled for such a wonderful day. Enjoyed all the magnificent scenery - drive from Horseshoe Bay to Whistler looks lovely. Great pic of Shannon Falls. I eyed off all those colourful hanging baskets and wondered why.........mine look so miserable???? This is going to be a good trip - thanks Diane.
    Mary Bear

  15. incredible photos and a walk through your trip. i think we should see more of this beautiful world of ours.

  16. This is amazing, beautiful photos, some stunning scenery.

  17. Sooo Beautiful! It is very similar to Switzerland! Whistler is definitely on my bucket list!