Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We were told by the tour guide to put on our warmest clothes for today's adventure, a ride in the "Ice Explorer" onto the Athabasca Glacier.

On the way we stopped to see the roaring Athabasca Falls. (I was thinking..Betsy and George would love this.)

They are not very tall falls but the amount of water gushing through a narrow canyon was enormous.The weather was overcast but at least the smoke had gone.

Soon we arrived in our coach to the Glacier Information Centre, restaurant and the ever present gift shop. We had to change buses here. The next bus took us closer to the glacier where we changed the bus for a specially built "Ice Explorer," which took us onto the glacier. Those little dots in the middle of the glacier are big Ice Explorer buses. You can see another one on its way up on the left hand side.

It was a hair raising ride down the side of the mountain. It was a 45* slope.

It was cold on the ice but exciting to be standing on a glacier. (Can you believe there is a guy in shorts behind me)
The Athabasca Glacier, majestic and awe inspiring.

The happy videographer.

Another glacier is sliding down towards the big one we are standing on.

The Aussie adventurers. (This is nothing like home) 


  1. And that is SUMMER!!!!!
    No wonder only Polar Bears and such like creatures, live there.
    Holy Catfish, after viewing this episode I'll be putting on "woolies" for bed tonight!
    Too right BB - it is Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! Note more "r's' than Banfffffff!! Couldn't help myself. Great lunch today and to get a first hand account. Thanks.
    Colin (HB)

  2. Riding on the glacier sounds like fun, Diane! My hubby would love to see this glacier. More wonderful photos from your trip.

  3. I immediately thought of George and Betsy when I saw the waterfall. Must be deafening with all that water going through a small space. And I love the fact that you rode on a glacier. It sure looks cold. Thanks for another amazing visit through your eyes. Jo

  4. Amazing! As usual, so memorable.

  5. The rush of that waterfall is wonderful.

  6. Incredible! I love glaciers. I've never seen one but the age of them fascinates me. So pretty.

  7. Oh My Goodness... How special is THAT.... You are so lucky to get to see all of that... Being that close to a glacier has to be awesome....

    And of course, you know that we LOVE LOVE LOVE that waterfall... WOW---incredible!!!!

    Thanks so much Diane for sharing your pictures.

  8. All the photos from your Canada visit look so familiar. I have done the same trip many, many times. Hiking the Canadian Rockies was one of my favorite passtimes in years past. I have been lucky enough in recent years to travel a bit father from home, but I love every inch of the area you visited. It's made me profoundly "homesick," to say the least! And, as always, your photos are gorgeous.

    Thank you for the kind words about DH. He is a cuddly type, very cuddly. It was a terrible scare but his recovery is going so very well. He's a strong man. Sorry to hear your DH has given you that nasty reminder of how precious he is to you. I truly know how you felt!

  9. The waterfall is spectacular - and the glacier looks...very cold!

  10. You could not possibly imagine how much your travels mean to me! I feel like a mouse in your pocket..and I am SOOO grateful! Can this place - this whole trip - be any more beautiful?? thank you thank you thank you!!

  11. Hi Diane!

    Fantastic photos! I love the blog header photo. I will have to go back through all your posts about your vacation. What a dream to see all of this!

    We were in California two weeks vacation but I am slowly getting some posts up about it. Life is getting in the way if blogging lately!

  12. And that is summer, yes? Makes me cold just looking at the pair of you. Don't know how I would go with the 45degree slope, but standing on a glacier would be cool (sorry!). Shall take myself to NZ in a year or so.

  13. Oh my gosh! You don't want to take this part of the trip without being well-prepared. That's the kind of place I'd much much rather take with an accomplished tour guide. Lovely pictures.

  14. Wonderful photos; the vast expanse is amazing. I've seen the guy in the shorts before...on the beach with his sandals and black socks! I'm sure it must be the same fellow, and he's been on every beach I've ever been to! LOL

  15. GREAT shot of Dad! "the happy videographer"!!! he looks so thin too! The diet has really worked!

    And I love the last one of you two together too! awww Makes me really miss you both! when can I come home?

  16. I am freezing when I see your pictures ! that must have been very impressive ! I wonder where you got the warm clothes, in Australia it's always warm ! Even when it is cold, lol !

  17. Amazing photos - I have never seen a glacier before!