Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The next day was free choice day in Jasper. We chose to take a cruise on Maligne Lake to Spirit Island.
The smoke haze was still hanging about but visibility was getting better. The water in many of the lakes and rivers is bright green due to "Glacier Flour," fine rock powder made by the glaciers grinding down the rock it passes over and deposits it into the rivers.

However the haze was still covering the mountains behind Spirit Island. This is a popular scene used in many Canadian tourist brochures.

It started to rain and we boarded the boat for the scenic trip back to the coach and Jasper. The rain was welcomed as there was a good chance that it would clear the air. After lunch in Jasper, Bill found an Internet Cafe and......

 I went back to the Lodge in time to join some friends for a walk around the lake which lapped at the front door.

We walked all the way around with a guide from the lodge telling us about the flora and fauna in the area. 

It started to rain really heavily so we quickly made our way to our cabins, where we rested before going to dinner for the most delicious meal and view. So much was turning into a gourmet tour.

The rain did good and the next morning the air was much clearer. We could see to the end of the lake and the mountains peeping through the mist.

Bill said good bye to the family of bears that lived in the foyer before we piled into the coach for a short trip to Lake Louise but it took all day because we had a new adventure on the way.


  1. Diane, the scenery is beautiful. Love the glacier color of the water. Your photos are just wonderful. What a great trip!

  2. I am catching up on your fabulous journey. What a fantastic trip and the scenery is incredible.
    ☼ Sunny

  3. You have beautiful photos from your trip! Its a very scenic place. Looks like the weather was cold. Love the red canoe photo.

  4. Splendid scenery. I rather like the little island in the second photo. Beautiful colour of the water.

  5. Wonderful pictures. We camped throughout this area one summer with our four kids back in 1972! (So mostly I've forgotten all about it by now;>)....would love to visit it again some day.

    I think you did the right thing waiting until you got back to blog the trip; I'm really having trouble finding time to blog and keep up -- and I keep jumping back and forth. Your travelogue is so coherent. I am loving it!

  6. Beautiful pictures, Diane... Glad you took the boat ride.. i would always choose to do that... And then, getting to take a little hike... VERY nice. What a pretty place... Glad you saw SOME of the mountains..

  7. This was just a dream did a great job capturing it in photos. Terrific!

  8. This was just a dream did a great job capturing it in photos. Terrific!

  9. I'm not sure if Bill is saying 'Goodbye', I think he is asking "Where is Goldilocks?" Ann J

  10. Oh, oh OH!!!

    Diane and Bill you HAVE had an Adventure!

    I haven't been near a computer for over a week and look at what I've missed!

    Jasper is where Jez wants to live, even though he has never set foot in Canada. He just FEELS that he's meant to be there. He even asked if he can go there straight after his Yr 12 exams next year.

    It is a mind-blowingly beautiful place.

    I'm so looking forward to the rest of your journey.

    Also, congrats on the Son In Law mag article, and commiserations on the Dr's fees for Bill!

  11. When I look at your pictures, I understand that so many Europeans imigrated to Canada, they found the same landscapes !
    The lake must look very beautiful when the sun is really shining, what a special green color !

  12. That is interesting about the 'flour'. I like learning stuff like that. I would think the combination of smog and rain to make everything dirty before it comes clean. This is making Canada sound most attractive. One of my very good friends migrated from Canada to Oz back in 1971 for 12 months. Her 40th anniversary is next year, the same day that she turns 65.

  13. Such beautiful photos! The rain and mist make them look so mysterious. On to read more...