Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Monday, September 27, 2010


So we toured western Canada by coach and train and now it was time to board the ship for Alaska. 
It was a mammoth exercise getting 2000 passengers on the ship within a few hours. Our tour guide organised us to be in the first groups to get on board. It was a busy time with luggage and US customs (fingerprints and photograph). Due to all that excitement I didn't get to take a photo of the ship. When we finally got to our cabin I managed to snap a pic of us leaving Vancouver harbour.

This is the ship, the Holland America's Zuiderdam docked in Skagway, Alaska. 

Our cabin with a veranda.

One of the dining rooms at the back of the ship with magic views changing every minute.

The atrium.

Before dinner our group of friends met in the Explorer's Lounge and listened to beautiful music.

After dinner we took in a show.

As it got cooler the roof over the pool was closed and the pool heated. We didn't have the urge to take off our clothes but many families and children did swim.


  1. What a huge ship! The cabin looks very cosy, it is an amazing journey.

  2. It's - magical. I am really enjoying reading about your trip and all the wonderful photos.

  3. I was watching the Masterchef Australia today, where they were cooking in the cruise ship for 1000 people. I can't imagine you on yours with 2000 people.

  4. Just wonderful!
    Diane, would love to follow in your footsteps...
    First class coverage, as usual.

  5. That's a complete city on that cruise ship! Nice to get the peak of my beloved Vancouver, Diane.

  6. Diane and Bill, you both must bruises from constantly pinching yourselves! What an incredible adventure.

    It must all seem like a dream when you're back to doing the dishes at home!

    All your photos would make a lovely coffee table book. Harvey Norman and I think Big W print them at very reasonable prices now.

  7. Love these pictures -- your tour was an amazing and varied one -- incredibly well planned. That one picture looking out the window absolutely takes my breath away.

    I agree with the commentor above -- you should have a book (or two) of your gorgeous pix...

  8. Fantastic Diane, fun to be catching up on this tremendous vacation of yours. I'm going to read the other posts I have missed this week.

    Got home safe and sound last night, and although it was pouring with rain, it felt good to be home.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.
    An English Girl Rambles

  9. The ship reminds me when we did a cruise around the mediterian sea ! Beautiful !

  10. Hi Diane, I'm catching up today.... Love seeing your ship. Your room and balcony look spacious... NEAT...
    It was nice to know that your tour guide could arrange so much for you all--to make your visit so enjoyable.

    Happy Birthday to Paul... Looks like the Birthday Bear group enjoyed themselves once again...

    That visit in Vancouver to the rain forest and suspension bridge looked marvelous. And I enjoyed your train trip on the Rocky Mountaineer.

    Love your pictures ---and explanations... Marvelous!!!!

  11. Diane I forgot that the trip you went on also included a cruise to Alaska! That is soemthing my husband and I have on our bucket list. I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos you took. The ship looked beautiful!

    Happy belated BD to Paul!

  12. Cindy and Sally: I do make photo books of our trips. I take a lot of time getting it to it though. I have used Click on Print and Big W. I prefer the Clock on Print but alas they don't have a program for Apple. I can't decide wether to use Big W or iBook or use our PC laptop and use Click on Print.

  13. The fourth shot is from the Vista Dining room where they serve the world's best red wine, 'Chateau Neuf du Pape' for only $59 a bottle which is very very cheap.

  14. I'll be following husband wants to cruise Alaska, I wanted to plan an on-the-ground vacation when we go. Still up in the air, but since we don't have dates yet, there's time to make thoughtful decisions.

  15. Ah - trust BB to know where the best 'cellars' are on that ship!
    "Bacchus" and BB have a secure telephone line - how about sharing the number with others, BB????

    Colin (HB)

  16. Enormous!!! You're room looks great too! I can just see you sitting on the balcony, watching the world go by!