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Monday, September 20, 2010


Driving from Lake Louise to Banff we stopped at Emerald Lake and Natural Bridge before arriving in Banff.
Natural Arch is where the water thunders through a narrow crevice and has worn a hole through the rocks making a natural arch. The water swirled and cascaded on through a small canyon. It was hard to capture the boiling water and the noise in a photo. The trees that are brown are dying from an infestation of pine beetle. Authorities are unable to control it.

We arrived in Banff too early for check in so we went on the gondola up Sulphur Mountain which looms over the town of Banff.

When the wind blew the gondola rocked. I'm pretending to be scared. I used to be scared in Switzerland but now I have got used to them...sort of.

At the top we could walk across to the neighbouring peak. We got half way and decided there were too many steps even though Bill's sore foot was almost better.

So we looked at the glorious views down all sides of the mountain and watched the Golden Manteled Ground Squirrels romping around.

Then it was time to go down. Yep right down there. Yoohoo what fun!

We could see the town of Banff and .......

....our amazing hotel. The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

We bumped into other members of our group in town and had lunch together before our anticipated arrival at the hotel.


  1. Oh all so beautiful, diane. Pity about the pine beetle infestation. Hope they get to control it eventually. I love the swoop down in the gondola. We call these cable cars in South Africa. Only have them in Cape Town, up Table Mountain as far as I know. Wow, the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel looks like a fairy castle. The town looks so romantic in that valley. Thanks for a lovely tour again today. Have a great week, Greetings from Jo

  2. That hotel in Banff is an icon. Such wonderful scenery.

  3. The scenery is magnificent Diane. Natural Arch, and everything, a joy to behold. I have my own Travel Brochure when I visit your blog. Thank you so much.

  4. Oh--how I'd love that gondola ride.... WOW--that is UP..... What beauty all around... Too bad the beetles are ruining the pines --like they have around here and in the Smokies.

    Holy Cow---why did you stay in such a 'dump' like that tiny little hotel????? ha ha ha... Gee---I could get lost in that one --just trying to find my room!!!! ha.. Can't wait to get the tour of the inside.

    I love Banffffffffff..... Hope I get there sometime.

  5. These mountains are so beautiful ! I love high mountains covered with snow and when they are real rocky !
    I got used to the rocking gondolas in Italy ! Nice pictures of you ! What a huge hotel !

  6. I'd totally change nationalities if I could live in Banff. Forever!

  7. A wonderful set of photos, Diane. I lvoe the colours in the first - they all look so special.

  8. Wow, gorgeous place. That gondola ride looks breathtaking...what views! I saw the pine beetle infestation in Colorado also. Banff is beautiful....

  9. No gondola ride for me. I am terrified of heights like that. You are brave!

  10. My, that cable car ride....! The hotel looks like a palace. How many rooms does that have?!

  11. Betsy, we DID get lost in the hotel! We went for a stroll on the ground floor past the shops then jumped on the wrong lift and ended up in the wrong wing of the hotel. It took us forever trying to find the way to our room of which there are over a thousand.

  12. You are sooooo brave to take that ride! I was quaking just looking at the photos! Beautiful scenery!

  13. Ah Diane you have made my day - I know that there is a great song dedicated to Copenhagen, maybe the Canadians can write one for Banff - 2 f's only Bill and now Betsy seems to have the same problem!! Tut Tut!
    I look forward to more photo of the inside of the Fairmont Chateau, Banff. The scenery is magnificent - maybe too good to be real?
    Colin (HB)

  14. I honestly am not a fan of a gondola ride, but I'd definitely have to do this one "in spite of." The scenery is just amazing...these are wonderful posts and I am really enjoying them! Thanks.

  15. WOW! What a gorgeous place with gorgeous views!

  16. It makes me sad to see these trees dying.
    What an amazing view you had from the gondola!

  17. Diane the views in your photos are so fantastic! I'd love to ride in that gondola.

    We saw many trees infected with that beetle in Colorado and Wyoming in the US last year. It is very sad how many pine trees are dying! I hope something can be done soon.