Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


While in Victoria, BC, we visited the world famous Butchard Gardens, which cover an area of 22ha. They are the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.
The gardens were the idea of Jennie Butchart when she decided to beautify the worked out limestone quarry, which had supplied her husband's Portland Cement Works.
The gardens have been blooming for over 100 years.

The Ross Fountain installed for the gardens 60th anniversary by Ian Ross, the Butchart's grandson.

The gardens are still owned by the Butchart family.

It is visited by a million visitors annually.

Hanging baskets along an arbor.

I was finding it hard to believe that we were actually in these famous gardens.


  1. I have been among those million visitors some years ago. I agree, stupendous garden. I'd love to go back now I am more of a gardener than I was then.

  2. Diane
    Wow, the garden is really beautiful. And so colourful - the geraniums look so lovely. Also looks sunny, must be really nice, since you are both in your summer clothes.


  3. Oh my, these are beautiful gardens, diane. I'd never heard of them until now that you and Bill have posted about them. It's good to see you again. Welcome back! Jo. PS I love your header photo!

  4. I agree! Most beautiful gardens in the world!!

  5. This is one of the most beautiful gardens I've visited in the world.
    Diane, thanks for sharing your trip.

  6. Beautiful! Right at first I thought it was a painting.


  7. Great to have you back safe and sound. And these photos are wonderful. The gardens look breathtaking. I shall enjoy touring with you.

  8. Hi, I visited recently from Jo on memorable meanders blog, I must say I was intriqued by the name of the blog! I have read most of your arriving in Australia diaries /posts and they make fascinating reading.
    Beautiful gardens and pics of yur travels.
    best wishes

  9. WOW--- Diane... They are fabulous... I've seen pictures from here before --but yours are definitely the BEST. The trip we may take does not include Victoria --so that would be a bummer since we would love these gardens. Were there pretty gardens in other places you went???


  10. Would that all exhausted quarries ended up as beautiful as these, DB. I know you indicate they are still owned by the family, but with a million visitors annually, I would imagine the maintenance is subsidised by the state, too.

  11. Diane, the gardens are simply beautiful. And it's so good to hear they are still owned by the Butchart family. Your header photo is stunning.

  12. Aren't they beautiful? It has been over 20 years since we've been there -- must remedy that soon.

  13. fantastic photos and what a beautiful garden. i love your new main blog pic. it's gorgeous. thanks for blogging while you are away. :) safe travels

  14. Diane, how beautiful. Your photos are so wonderful also. What a treat to see this in person.

  15. All of these photos are stunning, but that first one just about took my breath away...no kidding! Just gorgeous! I want to pack my bags and head on out!

  16. Diane and Bill
    What an experience for the two of you to have seen " the world famous Butchard Gardens", especially as you were there at the height of the blossom and flowering time. Anyone who visits Vancouver and doesn't take the trip to these gardens when in FULL blossom, has rocks in their heads!
    It, even despite the freeze of winter, has some magical quality about it when I went there. Lucky, you two! Now is the Bohlen garden going to have a major overhaul??
    Colin (HB)

  17. One word....OHMYGOSH! Beautiful beyond words..

  18. Beautiful photos Diane. I have yet to see a garden more beautiful than Butchart Gardens.

    I love your new header photo.

  19. The gardens unbelievable and so were your photos Diane.
    Soooooo lovely
    Mary Bear

  20. Beautiful Garden and beautiful shots!