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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kimberley and Top End (Part12) Kakadu National Park-Cooinda-Yellow Waters Billabong

After cruising Katherine Gorge we drove north to Kakadu National Park.
At Cooinda we boarded another boat for a cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong, an extensive wetland area at the end of Jim Jim Creek. It is famous for its wildlife and especially birdlife.

Egrets coming in to land.

Checking out the water's edge for crocodiles.

The Great Egret

Hundreds and hundreds of wood ducks line the billabong like soldiers.

Wood ducks with a headless Radjah Shelduck in the background.

The big Magpie Goose tells the ducks to follow him for a "good time."

The Jabiru is giving the ducks a lecture about not following Magpie Goose for a "good time" but to get on with the job of entertaining tourists.

The huge Jabiru (Black-necked Stork) is the most beautiful bird. This is a female with a yellow eye.

This is the male with a black eye (that's why he's sulking, his wife gave it to him)

Don't know who lives here.......could be an Osprey Eagle.

A Purple Swamphen

These are cormorants, could be a Pied Cormorant. We nicknamed them "Look at Me birds" as they appeared to be showing off but they are probably cooling off or drying their wings.

Now Mr Cormorant needs to be careful showing off to the tourists because Mr Crocodile is close by.

Crocodiles are the world's largest living reptiles. They are also one of the most ancient having existed unchanged for nearly two hundred million years. Two species occur in Australia, the fresh water and estuarine or salt water crocodile. The fresh water crocodile lives in creeks, rivers and pools.They are only found in Australia. They have a longer, sharper snout and are generally shy but can become aggressive if disturbed. The estuarine crocodle is aggressive. They are also found in India, South East Asia and Papua/New Guinea. These pictures are of the dangerous estuarine crocodile.


This fellow has spotted us........

here he comes.......

..ahem...Mr Boat driver I think its time to move on.

To glide through the billabong and get closer to the crocodiles see Bill's video HERE.


  1. wow. amazing pics as usual. the croc looks a little scary. Fran

  2. How wonderful to see the wildlife part of this map where I live now. Very interesting itinerary you got there with such colourful characters of the birds' life and the bonus of our crocs in their well known territory. Lovely post that I miss!

  3. Lovely photos Diane, brings back memories for me.

  4. Hi diane:) I'm still catching up on your interesting travel posts. Your water bird photography is brilliant! You have many birds with similar names to ours - we have the South African Shelduck, African Purple Swamphen, Black Stork, to name but a few! I'll be back...

  5. Another great post, Diane... Love seeing the birds--especially those storks. Interesting about the different colored eyes distinguishing male and female.

    Yes---stay away from the crocs...


  6. Diane I love this and the commentary ......

    Lizzie b.

  7. What beautiful birds! And what a scary croc! Your captions are perfect..especially the one where the "bird lecture" hhahahahaha!

  8. looks like a wonderful place to go birdwatching, what lovely photos you've taken of all those birds!

  9. What a wonderful tour of a land I dream of visiting. It reminds me very much of the swamps and pampas of Florida, my second home that I love dearly, alligators and all!!!

  10. That river looks soooo.....'safe'. But I'm not accepting an invitation to swim in it. Too much company. :)

  11. So much wonderful wildlife. You really took some great pictures. I was really drawn to the Purple Swamphen, I've never seen one before.

  12. Hi Diane
    What a variety of magnificent birds! Egrets are so graceful. The crocodile was scary. I didn't know that there was a fresh water crocodile -amazing how reptiles and animals can adapt.

  13. Hi, Thanks for your visit. Your blog is great.

  14. The wetlands look so peaceful. Love seeing the bird life, but those crocodiles are scary!

  15. Wow! What a stunning post!! Wonderful pictures. I've never been to Kakadu, but I haven't lost hope... ;)
    Have a gorgeous week!

  16. Fabulous photos of the birds and crocs. Was this a tour or were you just traveling on your own?

  17. Great shots of the birds especially the storks, they are very beautiful. I love the cormorant, they just look so cool while drying their wings. Wonderful capture of the crocs but that's close enough.

  18. Beautiful shots and lovely description !! The paintings especially are nice !!Unseen Rajasthan

  19. Great bird shots Mum! Loved the captions too! hee hee. I'll bet it makes you feel vulnerable when that croc started heading your way!!! GULP!