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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kimberley and Top End (Part 11) Katherine River Gorge

We had to be up early and bags outside ready for the long drive to Katherine in the Northern Territory.

On the way to breakfast, Joe and Norma showed us a visitor they had in their room. At breakfast we were all pleased to see Margaret join the tour again after spending 3 days in hospital here in Kununurra.

It wasn't far to the border. Now we are leaving the Kimberley region and entering the area called "The Top End."

There are only two small townships on the 500km road between Kununurra and Katherine. We stopped at this roadhouse for lunch. We had a laugh at the sign.

Another 50m road train with its 86 wheels trundled past.

We drove on, arriving at Katherine Resort in the afternoon and we plunged in the pool to cool off and relax.

Early the next morning we cruised along the Katherine River Gorge. The sun was shining into the camera all the way. Kayakers were also setting off.

I hope the Kayakers see this sign.

This is the little beach where the crocodiles nest and, the kayakers mustn't rest.

Half way along the trip we have to alight and walk over rocks to the next boat as the river is too shallow here in the dry season.

We walked past some Aboriginal paintings, thousands of years old.

Walking to the next boat.

The walls of the gorge start to get taller and colourful.

This part was the prettiest...darn the sun in the lens.

Bill and I liked this gorge very much.

I can't remember which bird makes these nests in the walls of the gorge. Could be Swifts.

We pass some kayakers stopping to explore. It must be safe here or they wouldn't be allowed to do this.

These kayakers get back safely.

You too can cruise one of the nicest gorges in Australia on Bill's video HERE

You can also check out more dust storm pics there too.


  1. Another beautiful area, Diane. That trip was VERY organized, wasn't it???? You are getting to see so many things in a short period of time. That's neat.

    Love the boat ride through those gorges. Amazing.

    Laughed at the sign at the roadhouse... I cannot get over those HUGE trucks---86-wheelers... Mercy. I'd hate to drive those things...

  2. I am amazed and delighted daily at your wonderful tour of you country. Have you been to these areas previously? I still have the willies about the crocs..{{shudder}}

  3. I forgot to mention what a cutie that little froggie is! What a face :-)

  4. I wished I would be with you, what a wonderful trip you made ! The sign is priceless, hahaha ! What a monster of a truck ! that would never fit on our European streets !

  5. i enjoyed this a lot, from the green froggie, to the hilarious sign, to all the scenic spots on the gorge! i hope all kayakers return to shore safely! lovely trip, ms. diane! take us to some more! hugs, cherie

  6. Wow. That landscape stopped me in my tracks. The sign cracked me up. The road train amazed me. But the landscape was absolutely stellar. The aboriginal art is wonderful. Must have been exciting.

  7. What a wonderful time you must be having. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for taking us along.


  8. Really most stunning photo's. Beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog

  9. diane;) what a lovely trip you had. I'm "sort of" back to blogging until my husband and I go off on a motorbike trip again next week. I've read back a few posts - the dust storm reminds me of what awaits me when I return to Khartoum in two weeks' time! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. What can I say...beautiful
    You were concerned for the canoeists welfare...I do not think I would have braved the Salties in such flimsy craft....
    lizzie b.

  11. lizzy.... I think they are Johnson fresh water crocs. They don't bother you if you don't bother them.....not that I'd like to test the theory.The guides are pretty careful about where they let you go.

  12. Diane,
    You visited my Life In Wakefield blog so naturally I had to slip over and take a look at yours.....and fell in love with it. My daughter is visiting me and we sat just enthralled by all the wonderful photos and adventures. I will be back often to check you out.

  13. Hi Diane, that looks like one amazing holiday. I have loved each post you've shared, they have been fun to read and and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the great photos. I hope you suffered no ill effects from that dust storm we've all been hearing about.

  14. Amazing scenery! Such beautiful views. How great to see the rock painting. Glad Margaret made it back to complete the trip. I'm so glad you have had such wonderful adventures.

  15. Awesome scenery!
    I saw oince one of those train-trucks near Ayers Rock. Quite impressive... and dangerous when in fast motion... ;)

  16. We seem to be trading "tours" of our respective countries these days. Wow, now I really have to get to Australia soon.

  17. The gorge scenery is amazingly beautiful and your photos are awesome. I would be headed back the way I came if I saw a sign like that. The little frog is adorable, what a cute little face.

  18. What a little cutie!I love the little green froggy! so cute you could squish him!