Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Australia's East Coast Hit by Worst Dust Storm in History

Looking out of my study window at lunchtime today.

See more dust storm in Sydney, the worst hit city on Bill's blog HERE
in the Darling Downs on Lizzie's blog HERE
in Canberra on Alice's blog HERE


  1. i know that is dangerous, but it's very atmospherically view

  2. Looks like Mesa during one of it's duststorms.

  3. Oh my, are these really dangerous when they hit. The photo is beautiful, but I bet it is hell dealing with this.

  4. Ugh Diane... I'm glad you are inside your home... Hope the dust storm is gone SOON. You'll have alot of clean-up, won't you??? Maybe you'll get a good RAIN.

    We've had some weird weather all over the world it seems... Atlanta, GA had the worst flooding they have had in over 100 yrs. Crazy!!!


  5. I spent two days with my son and DIL in the Ardennes where they stayed for a two weeks holidays. When I came back yesterday evening I saw this in TV ! that's something probably no one has ever seen ! and thinking that it is YOUR view and not something I see on a TV screen during the news, I feel more concerned ! It must be hard to breeze ! Is it still going on or is it over now, I haven't seen the news yet.

  6. "HB" / "Yellow Mellow"September 24, 2009 at 6:26 PM

    Apparently in 1942 a similar occurrence happened for the eastern cities and coastal people to experience. It must have been a frightening experience, with the sky all yellow/orange, as we were at War! I was not born at that time so I really can't comment - of course completely out of the equation -but it has been 67 years since what we all witnessed yesterday. The city people these days have no comprehension of what country people at times have to contend with, whether it is Colorado, USA or Australia. These happen often on a minor scale but deliver as much dust and discomfort to the residents of rural areas. Crops destroyed by the mess. Yet the city slickers cannot get it thorough their heads, that it is the country people who feed them! Yep - it's those "Takeaway places"that feed us. I read today in paper reports what the country folk thought of the whinging of the mess that descended on Sydney and Brisbane by the "city slickers". Well, get a vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess, and just hope that you don't get a repeat for another 67 years! City people unfortunately live in ivory cages with tinted glasses.
    I got an e-mail from Atlanta, GA from friends, the place has been in drought, now all of a sudden they are getting rainfall causing complete havoc and disaster. I noted that Betsy from Tennessee had mentioned this on the blog. As the "lingo - Aussie slang " here says - "Goodonya Betsy" - the climates at present are crazy! So if all going well, I won't have to vacuum for another 67 years for a like mess. That will make me 133 years of age! Yes, Betsy, I batoned down the defences to stop the mess, but like everyone else, that "Bloody red dust" managed to get through.
    As has been said by two people of Australian folklore - one still living.
    1. 'Life wasn't meant to be easy'
    2. 'Such is life'
    Cheers and clean ups.

  7. I heard yesterday about dust storm that hit your country. I’ve never seen such storm in my life. What bad experience! I am really sorry for the mess that caused you.

  8. I saw this on the news! I hope it abates soon and that there will be no long term effects.

  9. It's amazing how hard it is to get rid of the dust once the storm has passed. We had 35mm (120 points) of quite heavy rain on Tuesday night, but still the paths, driveway and steps are very red.

  10. Beautiful photo! Too bad the dust causes such a mess. It reminds me of a fire I was in once. The sun turned the smoke red like that.

  11. The storm had cleared by yesterday and we spent all day cleaning inside and out and cars. Now the forcast is for another one on Sunday, so I've stopped cleaning.

  12. yes, I only swiffed the floors briefly...waiting for the next one to pass. Luckily I had all my windows closed when I was in Toowoomba!

    Thanks for visiting my dust storm photos also!

  13. Incredible! Fortunately, it's over!

  14. I was following this on the news, all the photos I have seen are amazing but somewhat familiar. It was a very dramatic and costly event for your country.

    We live in a large agricultural area and also an extremely windy one. We periodically get "Blowing Dust" alerts from the weather center. I can related very well to the huge clouds of dust blocking out the sun. I wish everyone well with the clean-up.