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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kimberley and Top End (Part 9) Emma Gorge

On the way back from Chamberlain Gorge we stopped at Zebedee Springs, we were advised to wear our swim togs and water shoes as we could bath in the warm spring waters bubbling out of the gorge walls. It was a short walk from the bus to the pools.

Bill's feet had healed from the sand grazes he got at Tunnel Creek and tries his bright orange crocs again, this time with strap in front and video camera at the ready.
The vegetation was lush and green in the little gorge with a canopy of Livistonia eastonii palms.

The warm buoyant water was very relaxing as Michele and Val discovered.

This was our favourite pool. Bill sat in , his crocs floated his feet to the top and his head started to disappear under the water. I had to push down on his crocs to get his head up again. He sure has fun with his Daisy Duck shoes but it provided us with lots of laughs.

Then it was back to the resort for a gourmet lunch. In the afternoon we had free time.

Norma fills her water bottle in the resort grounds. There is a Boab tree with a tap coming out of it??? Don't know how they did that. The tree doesn't have water inside it but does have moist fibrous matter a bit like in a coconut.

This Boab tree in the grounds of the resort is a little unusual as it has leaves and is growing near a eucalyptus tree, which doesn't happen very often in the "bush".

This is how they usually look in the countryside. They rarely have leaves unless it has access to a lot of water. Here is an aboriginal legend as to why they don't have leaves:

"When the tree God created the Boab Tree it was to be the most beautiful of all trees in the universe, with the most beautiful flowers and bearing the juiciest fruit. But as the tree grew to maturity its flowers were mediocre and its fruit had a bad odour and tasted vile. The Tree God became so angry that he yanked the Boab out of the ground and slammed it back in the earth upside down and that is why today, when you see a Boab tree, it looks as if its roots are growing up in the air."

In the afternoon's free time most of us lazed around or in the pool but the strong fit ones went for a hike up to the Emma Gorge waterfall and pool. It was too hot for me, but Norma, Joe and Alan did the trek and Norma sent me these photos.

We cooled off here with the other members of the group. Chatting, drinking and relaxing.

I spotted one of these unusual spiral palms in the grounds.

This is looking down on a baby one.

The next morning we were up early enough to see the sun rise on the nearby ranges.

We had a delicious breakfast buffet in the open air restaurant. Joe and Norma , the waterfall climbers in front.

Then it was off to our next adventure.

See Klaus and his camels on Bill's video HERE


  1. That is so awesome, a little tropical rain forest. The palm trees and pools are so beautiful. It must stay relatively warm year round in that area.

    The boab trees are so unusual, I enjoyed the legend. And they do look like they are upside down.

    I'm looking forward to the next part.


  2. Diane and Bill - Your name Adventure Before Dementia fits for the adventure part, but both of you will never have dementia -- you are just having far too much fun in old age. You remain sharp as a tack I am sure. I love the camels too. Poor dog though -- he needs a name too!

  3. If I was Bill Gates, I would rent an airplane and join you ! what a wonderful place !!

  4. Such fun and so interesting. Wonderful pictures, can't wait for more.
    Sunny :)

  5. Gorgeous Diane...I'd love relaxing in those warm waters... I love that tropical area. SO gorgeous!!! AND--you know I wouldn't miss seeing that beautiful waterfall. WOW!!!!!! I think I want to stay at this place sometime. Gee---you all did have a wonderful trip... Unbelievable.


  6. OH--meant to say that I enjoyed hearing about the Boab trees.. They do look like they are upside down... CUTE..

  7. I came over from Lucy's blog. Gorgeous scenery! I love learning about new locations to visit and I've always wanted to visit Australia...hopefully soemday!

  8. Different world up there Diane :) It's amazing how so many people in other parts of the world can't understand why people don't live all over Australia. I have spent many hours explaining.
    Love your photos and enjoying your trip with you.

  9. Great photos are covering quite a bit of country...

  10. Your scenery is just as spectacular and wonderful as mine. I really want to get to Australia soon.

  11. Hi Mum,
    I have got some catching up to do on your blog. I've missed reading about it while we were in Florence!
    I love the look of the tropical pools to swim in. about leeches etc?


  12. Hi Diane
    Thanks for leaving a comment about the resort with a tap on a tree. I googled it, saw the photo and it led me here!!!! :) Thanks!