Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 20, 2009


In Brisbane we don't have many deciduous trees, so we don't have a Fall in Autumn like in cooler climates. However, we have evergreen trees, which are continuously losing leaves and regrowing them. I have found that they lose more leaves in dry seasons. Anyway, it means I have to often rake leaves off the pathways in our garden. I need to do this at 6:30 in the morning before it gets too hot. Well its done now and time to play.
We have friends called, Bill and Ruve. We met them on one of our wine tours years ago. They are an amazing couple. They are both well into their seventies and they have just returned from a trekking holiday to the base camp of Mt Everest. They came back very skinny. Bill is the president of the U3A (University of the Third Age) camera club and he asked BB if he would give a talk at one of their meetings. I was keen to go and find out more about the club. We enjoyed the visit and became members. We go to meetings or outings once a month. But last week it was Christmas party time again. We had lunch at the Alexandra Hills Hotel. It was a good deal too. Buy one meal get one free. We had beautiful grilled fish and vegetables. Others had roast of the day for $6. Bill, Ruve and BB are right up the back.


  1. Looks like fun, Diane... And I love those "Buy One-Get One Free" meals!!!! NICE!!!!

    Don't work too hard raking!!!! I remember those days--just a month or two ago!!!


  2. OMG!!!! That's Oh My God!!!
    What in God's name next? Yes I noticed a beer at the end of the table! Great observation I thought - Bill's????
    Where are the Reds and Whites? Then again as you would have ALL been driving there - very sensible, as befitting the senior citizens!
    Now the possible next party will be with all of you - or some other group - up a gum tree having lunch with white cockatoos - that really would be something! The Burrells and Craineans from our get togethers would probably enjoy this. How in hells name would we be served up there? 60+ year olds playing Tarzans and Janes!!! Hope I have her name correct?
    Aaah - it rains. Thank God!!! but I hate seeing that water in the street gutters going back into the Pacific Ocean.

    To all the blog lookers at Diane's wonderful and informative blog - have a wonderful Christmas and God Bless.

    Colin - HB - Yellow Mellow.

  3. That looks like a fun group, I would want to join that club. The buy one get one free sounds like a great deal.

    Take it easy with the raking and stay cool. Like Betsy, I remember it well from just a few weeks ago.


  4. With all these parties and food you should be now very "round" ! But of course if you have leaves which fall down the whole year that keeps you in shape, lol ! We have today - 11°C ! and they announce snow ! I tell you since we have the Global Warming, it's getting cold here.

  5. Getting the jobs done early then it's time to play - sounds like my sort of day!!

  6. U3A - that is on my list of places to enquire about. I know they have a group in Sydney City but are in recess over the next little while. I will go look up their www. I would like to be involved with photography, blogging and history. Surely they have that sort of group. I also am looking for a Book Club - not not fantasy or sci-fi. Yucko.

    Love that shot of you raking. I have to sweep every two day because my courtyard gets covered wit eucalyptus leaves otherwise. And they leave a stain.

  7. Lovely photo of you in your garden, diane. Do you place the leaves on your compost heap? Imagine trekking to base camp in your seventies. You have amazing friends.

  8. Oh don't get overheated in the mornings! The luncheon looked like great fun :-)

  9. Love your garden! It's HUGE!!! Life on the otherside is just so intersting. Thanks for sharing it.


  10. Gardening in Brissie summer heat ... I can't think about it ... to horrible. Glad you got it all done before Chrissie ... I got mine done too.