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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday Bear's Christmas Party

Birthday Bear insisted on a Christmas get together with her wrinkly friends. After all it is Jesus' Birthday that we are celebrating.

This year she came dressed as a Christmas Tree with bauble earrings and a star on top.

Ann is the one who helped Birthday Bear get dressed for the party.

We had a buffet dinner at the Greenbank RSL Club. From the left Kathy, Paul, Bill, moi, Birthday Bear, Ann, George, Helen, and Mary.
Ann took this shot and named it, "The Three Wide Men". (I have added it later as she was disappointed it didn't make the blog. See her comment below.I hope it doesn't offend them)

Ann also made up a poem about Birthday Bear and included all the characters that Bear has portrayed:


I am the no-sexual Birthday Bear;
And my personalities I would like to share;
I have been a fisherman – twice in fact;
And once I wore a fisherman’s hat;
I have also traveled by coach outback;
Was a film producer not long after that;
Became an author of no-renown;
As a grey nomad hit the road to travel ‘round’;
On a boat trip I was a teacher;
As a dancing diva a glamorous boa did feature;

A blogging bear created some talk;
Another time I was decked out for a walk;
Once I was depicted sipping wine;
Whilst enjoying a boat cruise down the Rhine,
A Scotsman who in his cupboard, had a skeleton or two;
A theatre audience member – I’ve been that too;
Why, even as Christmas came my way;
With sled and Rudolph, Santa Clause I did play;
I have been a cowboy riding a “cobweb broom horse”;
Cruised on the Brisbane River as the other fisherman, of course;

Flew to Townsville in the tropical north;
Taking my bikini, sunshade and money purse;
A volunteer in a library – I was that also;
Even a gardener watching the lemons grow;
An elegant chorister in a CWA choir;
A lawn bowler decked out in white bowls attire;
My breath was taken away and almost my speech;
As a whale watcher – witnessing their amazing breech;
My varied personas have been filled with glee;
But what’s this – now I’m a green CHRISTMAS TREE!

Ann Dec 2009


  1. Parties parties parties, lol and a bear as christmas tree, lol !
    we had a little Christmas drink with our painting group today, was really nice and funny !

  2. You have the most delightful life! Thanks for sharing with us!


  3. Birthday Bear is the luckiest one of all of the group... Look at all of the characters he/she has played!!!!! I love her Christmas dress for this party. She was dressed mighty snazzy for this party...

    Love Ann's poem. Ann must be a creative lady... Glad you ALL had a great time. I've never met anyone who 'parties' as much!!!!! ha


  4. Lovely :)

    Merry Christmas

    best wishes

  5. Such a shame the Three Wide Men - no, not a typo - didn't make it to the Blog.
    Ann J

  6. OMG !!!! DISASTER - the three wise men or should I say the extended stomach muscled men?? Sorry fellows! Try front only next time, not side on!!! Once we were young and had six packs - now more like cartons!!! You know fellows that your good lady wives are going to use this photo to remind you that you are all overweight and should diet etc etc - refrain from the glorious indulgence of the brown lager and God forbid if any of that Barossa Red passes your lips!!!!!
    How could the three of you have agreed to this photo! You'll regret it - oh dear, I weep tears for the three of you. It was a plot! And you fell for it.
    Aaaaaaah - I await reports on a revenge! "Secret mens business" not to be viewed by the "finer species" - well I had to say that - but - bear with it for the time being. We must organise ourselves with a counter attack!

    "HB" of a saging and miserable 6 pack!

  7. There was not really any need for the three wide men to be on the blog.
    One wide man

  8. Look, if the pear shape (me) (not a partridge in a pear tree) can appear near the Christmas Bear tree, so too can the three wide men appear! Ann

  9. Hi Ann

    I thought that the photo of you displayed a very "regal" look, and you do look so happy with your efforts with that bear of so many colours etc etc. No doubt the best dressed bear on this planet. It is so great to see that your wine "appreciatados" group of travelling to the vineyards can still have so much fun - just keep it going, - it's great! I am pleased that I was not present for the "photo" shot - I doubt whether a lens would have fitted my present 6 pack into the photo???? Diane, did inform me, on the side of course, to save embarrassment, that I was a bit on the large side as she looked directly at my frontage!!
    Merry Christmas to your clan of great people.
    Colin ( HB = Yellow Mellow)
    ps: I still think that the photo was a plot!
    Men of the World unite now or face doom!

  10. Well Bear, you have defiantly made my "Best Dressed" list for 2009 - can't wait to see your new outfits in 2010 :-) And your latest couture? Wonderful!

  11. Oh she looks so adorable. I love the earrings.

  12. Diane...when I click on your follower button I can only send you a message, can't get to your blog. This time I clicked on your comment to me. Any suggestions? By the way, your close up photos of the flowers are spectacular.

  13. A clever poem by Ann..well done.
    I am listening to Susan Boyles new's not half bad you know for a Scot!
    Good to see your photos and that you all are having a great time.

  14. Birthday Bear really knows how to party. Always dressed for the occasion and associating with the finest of folks. The poem says it all.