Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, December 11, 2009


My family migrated to Australia back in 1949 (see my sidebar for the story). I was very young and now I feel more Australian than I do British. However, since then thousands and thousands of British people have migrated here. Many of them have settled on the Bayside (suburbs along the edge of Moreton Bay). Recently some British shops and restaurants have opened in that area. Our friends (SIL parents) Alma and Bill are also British migrants and they sometimes hanker after British products, so we took them to Birkdale on the southern side of the bay where these specialist shops have opened.

We often have fish and chips with Alma and Bill at Sandgate on the northern side of the bay so for a change we tried out this place.

We had cod fish in batter and chips wrapped in paper with mushy peas, salt and vinegar (like in England). It was a very hot day but luckily there was a strong bay, breeze blowing which cooled it down to about 31 C/88F. We rated the food as good, our friends agreed it tasted just like home. However, we were not wrapped in the ambiance of the place. It was next to the car park of a shopping centre and we had a bunch of screaming kids at the next table. It certainly isn't as nice as sitting on the beach at Sandgate.

After lunch we browsed through a neighbouring shop selling everything British. It was a very colourful and interesting shop. The prices were also interesting(high).

Anyway we bought some pork pies. eccles cakes and a small plum pudding.

There was merchandise for all the main British Football Teams. This was the Arsenal display and we wanted a cap in memory of my brother, who died early this year but they didn't have one. This was the team my brother supported. (The caps in the photo are for Liverpool team.) Luckily we were full from lunch so it was easy to resist all the expensive, delicious goodies. We had a good day out yesterday.


  1. I'd give a right arm or two or three to have a chance to eat British fish and chips. I lovvvve them and unless you're right on the edge of either the Pacific or Atlantic ocean here in the US, they are not good. There's a place in San Diego called Anthony's where they are wonderful. But I'd like to eat them where they originated.

  2. Love the fact that you are having summer while winter is gaining up on us. That was very UK with Paddington Bear. Have a great weekend.

  3. When I spent my yearly week in Eastbourne at the English coast with my friends, each Friday she makes fish and chips, also vinegar ! It was the first time I had chips with vinegar, I didn't even know that one could eat that. Living in the country where chips were invented, we traditionally eat the chips with mayonaise. As there are so many British people living here in Waterloo, we also have a british store where I bought my Christmas pudding this week. Mr. G. loves it ! In this store you just feel like in London, lol !

  4. It is so funny to see a British shop when I am so used to seeing the South African specialist shop here. The fish and chips do look good tho!

  5. That was a fun place for me to visit! I haven't ever had a real British meal, nor have I ever seen England.

    I would love to go there and go on a King Arthur tour. To see some castles and then head on over to Scotland and Ireland.

    But I doubt if that ever happens.


  6. Diane, what a lovely post. I don't eat fish, but would have joined you for the mushy peas and chips had I been able to pop over today!

  7. Looks good, and what fun. I agree with Lucy above.

  8. Hi Diane, We are in Brevard, NC---after a couple of great hiking days in the mountains... Having a wonderful time.

    Glad you all and your friends can enjoy a piece of England down there in Australia... That is SO neat!!!


  9. In catching up with your blog, I see that you have not been lacking in the social engagements department. Looks like you have been very busy....and WARM!

  10. That's cool. We have a few of these around Sydney too but none as elaborate as this.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  11. I too agree with Lucy, but having lived on the edge of the Pacific coast at one time there are some great places for fish & chips. One I know of even serves them with vinegar which I love. The shop looks like fun, but it also looks very expensive.

  12. Fish & Chips, no thanks! ;)) But I'll take a bite of the pork pie... ;)