Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Car Park Tree

Some time ago I did a post about a funny seed pod that I had seen on a small tree in the shopping centre car park. I asked if any one new what it was called. One blogger, Titania, asked what the leaves looked like, but at that time there were no leaves. BB always parks next to the tree when we stop by to pick up a newspaper, after a walk in the forest. So I have been watching for the leaves and flowers to appear. It is a pretty little tree and I have named it The Car Park Tree. I have asked Santa to bring me an Australian Plant identification book, but I'm not sure if this tree is an Australian native. HELP!

Ooooooh! I see a bug.

Lets have a closer look. See the furry texture of the pod.


  1. I only see that your pictures are beautiful, but I have no idea what tree that is, I don't even know ours here, or just a few. Keep Car Park Tree, I like it !

  2. I think this tree is of the brachychiton genus.
    I searched in Google Images for
    brachychiton seed pods
    and came up with lots of similar pods and different but similar flowers. This tree hybridizes on its own, hope someone will recognize the variety. The flowers and pods are very pretty.
    This is a pretty puzzle you have set before us.

  3. Reminds me of a movie. Interesting tree. Bug is even pretty.

  4. The pods are so unusual and the flower is beautiful. I have no idea what this tree might be but hopefully someone can identify it. The little beetle is cute, reminds me of a ladybug.

  5. It is an interesting tree and neat looking pods. I love your beautiful header, it is a new one right?

  6. First off diane, let me say how I love your header. Beautiful. I looked in my book of indigenous trees (for South Africa!) but see nothing remotely like it. Callie is right that it is of the brachyhiton variety. I hope someone can help you. Meanwhile, I follow with interest the mystery the true identity Car Park Tree! (((Hugs))) Jo xxx

  7. Hi Diane,
    Yes, is a native tree of Australia particularly in Queensland.
    The botanical name is Brachychiton bidwillii, family, Sterculiaceae.
    Have a great week.


  8. Diane, you say when you want to see cool greens you visit my blog. I visit yours for a taste of the rich tropics. The pods are fascinating and the bug is gorgeous.

  9. I really like that stained glass beetle! Very colorful fella.

  10. Thank you Callie, Jo and Xavi for your help. I have learnt about Brachychitons and that this one is the bidwillii. I also learnt that the Illawarra Flame tree that I posted some time ago is also a Brachychiton. Fancy a Spanish blogger telling me about my own native trees. Clever!!!
    Now anyone know about bugs??

  11. Hi Diane, That is such a unique tree. I can understand why you are looking for information on it. I hope you find it. Keep us posted. The flowers are so pretty.

  12. Each day the tree will "bid Willi" good reading of the newspaper. Ann J

  13. Hi Diane, your car park tree is an Australian native tree. It is a Brachychiton discolor. I have one growing in my garden, but I had never seen the seed pods. It is a very beautiful tree, I am glad you like it so much. Diane, thank you so much for your comment and asking. I am fine, just have been run of my feet! The heat does not help, it makes me very tired. I wish for rain; I guess I have to do a rain dance when no one is looking.

  14. Hi Diane! Can't help; limited knowledge... ;)
    Incredible pictures!!

    Blogtrotter, which is always one year late in posting ;), headed to London December 2008. Enjoy and have a great week!

  15. I had to read all the comments to see if someone knew. So now I know what it is also. Maybe someone will come up with the bug's 'type' soon.

    As for me, I have never seen a beetle like it although it does favor the bean beatles we have around here. And it favors a lady bug and a box elder bug.


  16. Goodness, that is such an interesting tree and those pods are different. Love all the photos. Hope someone can identify it for you. That flower is so pretty too.

  17. That is a very interesting tree, I have never seen one anywhere close to it. I'm glad the folks who commented before me were able to name it for you.