Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Garden Gets a Drink

My northern hemisphere friends are excited because it has started to snow well I am happy because it has started to rain. It has been so dry for months with only a little rain now and then. Last Sunday it really rained. We had a tropical down pour.

It rains so heavily that the gutters can't cope but the garden doesn't mind.

I could just run out in it and sing but I had to get ready for a party.

Yep, its raining at the back too. I wonder where the birds go?

Look at all that precious water washing down the drains. However, we manage to catch some here.......

The tank is full after five minutes and overflowing, which shouldn't happen if the installer had done a good job. One of the outlets is blocked. Must get it fixed one day. In 30 mins it was all over and the sun came out and the steam came up, but we didn't get wet at the party.


  1. Diane!

    How unfair! Not a drop north of the river.
    I sweltered all day and to make matters worse the rail system went bananas! Alsolute chaos for travellers and you get rain - how unfair, and certainly not democratic! We get no trains and no rains! If that "noise polluter" bird appears on this side of the river again, I will be chasing it right back to your backyard!
    Exceeding disappointed and jealous with this blog report!


  2. Wow - when it rains there - it R.A.I.N.S! Are they elecrtical storms? I love soft rain with not chance of getting struck with me least I won't be a roasted chicken!

  3. Hi Diane, In 2007, we had a horrible drought here. I remember the first time we got rain after that drought. George and I ran outside and took pictures--just like you did. We were SO happy to see that rain... Luckily, this year, we have had plenty of rain.. Who knows from one year to the next?????


  4. I know your garden, birds, and other little creatures were happy for a good drink. Glad you party attire did not get wet though.

    We hardly ever have a problem with lack of rain in Memphis. It comes very often it seems.

  5. Wow, that really is a downpour. It's good to hear you finally got a good rain, maybe more to come later. Everything should be so refreshed and green.

  6. Cold and snow here. More suppose to hit tonight. I could do without the snow and the bitter cold. Maybe I should move?...Humm

    What a lovely downpour. In Colorado it is against the law to save rain water. Beats me why.


  7. I do miss rain like that, I think it's hysterical when here they say oh it's really coming down now and to me it's like a light drizzle.

    Maybe one day we'll be able to visit you and perhaps when that happens, I'll be lucky enough to see this kind of rain.

  8. I too am very glad that you got blessing rain. It is great to seeing it pouring. Great photos that you posted!

  9. WOW ... what a drenching rain! I'm delighted to have awakened to rain FINALLY here in Southern California near the beach ... and it's been drizzling all day at a pace allowing the ground to soak up most of the moisture. I may live in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's a dry coastal region and it's been a LONG time between rain storms. Hopefully this one will last all week as predicted ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. I wished I could be happy when it rains for once in my life ! Living in Belgium it rains all the time and since I am back from Egypt it has rained every single day !! So I am NOT singing in the rain ! I watch my feet ! soon palms will grow !

  11. Oh, that rain looks lovely! I would want to go out and stand in it too and maybe do a dance. Having that tank is a great idea.

  12. Thankyou all for your comments.
    Utah Grammie: There wasn't a lot of lightning or thunder this time sometimes we do get fierce electrical storms.
    Linda: We are not allowed to use the tank water for drinking. We can use it for the laundry but you need special filters and permission from the council to have it pumped into the house. Colin could probably give more accurate details as he worked in the Council. We can use them for watering the garden, cleaning cars and paths without permission.
    Storyteller: I do forget that southern California , Florida, Arizona and other southern states have it hot and dry too.

  13. From Colin:
    I have just finished reading the latest responses on Diane's blog re: the recent rain which
    did not eventuate across to the suburbs of Brisbane, north of the river. Actually Diane's
    report was the first I even knew of the rain falling!!!!

    I remember when I was a kid and growing up in the country we all had water tanks for
    drinking water, as did Brisbane from early photos. House tanks were attached to all homes.
    Even Sydney homes had water tanks!

    Then the delightful bureaucrats and technocrats stepped in!!!!!!!!! Councils cannot make
    any money out of home use of rain water. So for reasons of utter stupidity and well before
    I had anything to do with the Brisbane Water section of the Brisbane City Council, tanks
    were removed from homes and dam water was used - that is a taxable commodity!!!!

    Then a number of years ago the dam supplies for Brisbane due to the lack of rain in the
    catchment areas and for that matter in most of Australia, the supply dwindled at an
    alarming rate. What do Councils then do? They encourage people to purchase water tanks and
    even give the purchasers rebates - so where tanks once were, tanks appeared again!!!! These
    tanks when erected also required for the residents/owners to:

    1. get a permit to build from the Council ( this if I remember cost a fee - however on this I
    may be wrong, but requests did pass over my desk, so I saw heaps of them before the
    bureaucrats ( of the technical areas in Council) and the technocrats got their "grubby little
    mits ( hands) on them!
    2. ensure that a sign was displayed stating the water in the tank was for laundry or garden
    use only!

    ( For the life of me, I cannot see why you supposedly were not allowed to drink the water -
    that water never killed anyone 30 or more years ago, why would it kill them now? - as a
    matter of fact until Diane above pointed out, I thought you could drink the water!)

    Of course now also with the greenies out in force and the "do-gooders", the finding of
    suitable areas to build new dams for water supplies to the city and town dwellers has become
    a political "hot potato" - no-one wants to be relocated for the sake of water supplies! Yet
    when it does storm in cities like Brisbane, where does the storm water all end up as it
    gushes down streets? Why of course, it goes into the ocean! Canals and large piping
    infrastructure should be examined for the water to be re-channeled back into the existing
    dams. All that lovely water you saw on Diane's blog of it gushing down her street is now in
    the Pacific Ocean!

  14. Wonderful ... I remember big rain storms like that in Queensland were very frequent ... it's a while since we've seen a big rain down here ... would be nice to have another though the overfollowing gutters can be a nuisance.

  15. Hi Oh I miss tropical rain like that! Fabulous pictures Mum! I can feel the humidity and smell of the rain on the hot road, I can hear the sound on the hot tin roof and feel the energy and excitement in the air! Home sick! 5 weeks to go!

    Have just read Colin's comments: what a crying shame! I can't believe that storm water isn't harnessed in some way!