Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another Party

The school year is drawing to a close. We break for summer holidays next week. One of our most treasured Teacher's Aide, Judi, is leaving the school after being there for 10 years. Judi is so adaptable and can put her hand to any task we asked. Now she is leaving the area and moving back to a country town, where they were before coming here.
Another Aide, Paula, organised a farewell party at her home with the help of another Aide, Gaylene. Now Judi is renowned for her cooking talents and was always bringing goodies to school for our morning tea and other functions. So, Paula decided to make the theme of the party "Judi's Food Fest" and we all had to cook one of Judi's recipes to bring along to the party.
We had three courses: dips and cheese balls; savouries of all kinds and then cakes and slices all from Judi's recipe book. We had some fun games and then to every one's surprise a male stripper turned up.
On closer inspection we realised it was Paula's husband dressed up. He had dollar bills hanging out of his trousers. Judi didn't know where to look. Then she asked him what was drawn on his tummy. He said, "That's my six pack of course." He served us all champagne and we all had a good laugh. (He didn't strip in case you were wondering)
He sure made Judi's party a happy one. How brave was he to do this in front of a bunch of women. What a good sport. I have really enjoyed working with Judi and being her friend. Thank goodness for the Internet we will be able to keep in touch easily. Thanks to Paula, David and Gaylene for such a good party.


  1. Diane

    My God - what next?
    Great to see the ladies were impressed and congratulations to the male "stripper" (?) or was he, the "Toy Boy" for the ladies (?) to see and display himself as such, especially with his wife present. He sure was a brave bloke!
    Keep up your great blogs - never a dull moment with, you, Diane!
    "Goodonya", as the colloquial Australian saying is.
    Great and funny.
    Yellow Mellow

  2. What a lovely party and all the best to Judi for the future. I'm trying to scroll back and read about your immegration to Australia and will do so soon. So you may get "old" comments popping up. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. You are a party animal and I as always enjoy your trips back in time (below) with all the photographs of then and now.

  4. Oh that is too funny! It looks like a great party and it is soo wierd to be seeing your summer photos and it's 12 degrees outside this morning!

  5. I am getting jalous, with all your parties ! and I am sitting (not singing) in the rain, lol !

  6. What a delightful party this must have been!


  7. It looks like such a fun party! Enjoy your school break!

  8. Wow Diane..... You all do have your share of parties, don't you???? AND --they all look like loads of fun... I'm not sure who had the most fun---all of the women OR that man!!!!! ha ha


  9. What a hoot, a wonderful husband to do that for his wife I must say and a lovely send off for Judi. I'm sure you're going to miss her.

  10. I thought the six pack was hysterical! Ah good fun.

  11. Hi Diane! It seems you're having great fun down under... We are getting some rain only... ;))

    There is a weird bridge waiting for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!