Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day for Lonely Oldies

When we know that our girls can't join us for Christmas we book Christmas Lunch at our favourite restaurant, Des Alpes. It is owned and run by our friends Monique and Nick, so It is like going to friends for Christmas. Unfortunately it is on the other side of town but only takes 40 mins without delays.

So we drive into town on the M3. It is showery but we don't mind we need the rain. It makes us happy to see the rain.

We pass through the city on the Riverside Express.

We go under the new Karilpa footbridge that causes a lot of discussion as you can see why.

Soon we arrive in Mitchelton and the Restaurant.

It is a set menu so its like a surprise. All the tables have a little nativity scene and a gift of a Chinese Water Bamboo and a bag of Swiss Christmas biscuits.

Soon we had a glass of wine and an appetiser of Chäschüechli (cheese tarts). I was so hungry I chomped one before the photo.

A mixture of entrees. Crisp and delicious.

Turkey and cranberry sauce, ham, tomato spinach pie and potatoes. The meat was moist and melted in your mouth.

There was a buffet of desserts, everyone a delight.

We were full and happy. Monique had placed us under our favourite picture. It is a scene of the village of Spiez, where we stayed on our last trip to Switzerland. It is also very close to where Bill grew up.


  1. wow what a very special lunch. glad you had a good time and the chinese bamboo is a lovely gift. i've been meaning to get another one. great photos too as usual. i love your blog photo atm. i had a pink one ages ago. it was my mum's. very nice.

  2. Don't you pair look like the cats that got the canary or the cream. Food looks delicious, and I am wondering Bill, if your wine glass had wine in it or did Diane polish off the whole bottle!

    Also from previous blog I must ask you to get Alma to e-mail me her trifle specialty. if she is willing to do that.
    Thanks Ann J

  3. Oh Yum! diane, every photo make me utter this expression. And the DESSERT table, mmm I'd give up all the preceding courses to be able to have something of everything at of this delectable-looking buffet. I loved the Swiss biscuits and Monique to place you under your favourite picture. I also LOVE your header: I have the same plant and cannot remember its name. It flowers in the winter months here in South Africa. To answer your question on my blog: Johnn and Debbie moved into a staff house at YWAM mission station in March this year. When I flew up to the Sudan in August they came to house/cat and dog sit for me. Now I am off to the Sudan again (my visa has arrived whoo-hoo-will post about this soon) and they will stay on in my home for a week after my departure and then they're moving to their property in the Drakensberg. They are building thatched houses there, starting with their own, then my dh will get our [retirement] rondawel (this is what these places are called here in SA) built and my mum-in-law and her husband will occuppy this while we're still living/working in Khartoum. They will also take over the care of my many pets. Next we'll (my hubby and I) will build another rondawel and my dil will rent it out as self-catering holiday accommodation, Later on we'll come "home" to live in it. John and Debbie are missionaries and all this has been done on faith and prayer. (((Hugs)))

  4. Wow--what a neat place to go for Christmas dinner... The meal looked terrific. AND--I love your poinsettia shirt, Diane.

    Seems like you all had a great Christmas. We did also.


  5. Sure sounds like a delightful trip and a delightful place and meal. Wow, you all enjoy the most fun places over there.

    Glad you had such a nice day with friends too.

  6. Merry Christmas Mum and Dad! Looks like you have a delicious Christmas Dinner. I am really looking forward to our family Christmas in Jan!

    14 more sleeps until we leave London!

    Love Carol

  7. Good heavens, you have friends and connections all over the place, madam!! How lovely.

    I love a good rainy day, too. That food does look lovely. Because K&D have so many obligations family-wise, I find out in early October which meal I am having with them and if it is not the midday meal on 25th then I share THAT with a group of friends, referred to as "the orphans"! It is good fun, we go to someone's house yet all contribute. There are often 5 or 6 of us. However, if my health keeps up, I have put my hand up to host family Christmas next year. I think it will be Christmas Eve. How special will that be!!!

    It is raining down here this morning. Looks set in to me. Goodie.

  8. I like that restaurant! I was a little surprised to see cranberry sauce with the turkey though; did not know it had caught on outside the States! However, we would never serve a grilled tomato with that meal (but I love those tomatoes...had some in England this past summer). All the food looks wonderfully delicious...and I enjoyed the ride across town in the rain too.

    The Christmas cactus in your banner photo is gorgeous!

    Happy 2010 to you and yours!

  9. VERY glad you enjoyed the traditional Xmas fare, Diane and Billy B.
    We know it's hot and unbearably sticky during BrisVegas summers, but we enjoyed turkey and ham as you 2 did.
    Only 22 degrees in Melbourne so the organic ham and free range turkey went down well with the obligatory roast potatoes and pumpkin and gravy, plus a green snow peas, asparagus and broccolini medley.
    Back to the future with a prawn cocktail entree --- remember those from the 50s --- and after the main Xmas fare Aussie pavlova and plum pudding for desserts.
    Helps when eldest daughter at whose home we celebrated is a professional chef, of course.
    Son-in-law's 92-year-old great-aunt was down from Sydney for the repast and before that the early morning Xmas presents unwrapping tradition, beloved of the 2 little granddaughters.
    Very pleased to see what looks like a red wine bottle on your Xmas table. Our family are solid consumers of Yarra Valley sparkles, but rose and chilled white wine also get a guernsey as the afternoon rolls into early evening and the belts are loosened !
    Richard & Judyth

  10. It looks wonderful and you & hubs look very happy - it's a great photo of the two of you:-)

  11. As we get older, establishing new traditions becomes essential. What a lovely way to celebrate in your own ways ... the food looks DELICIOUS ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. What a delightful meal. And open for the Christmas crowd! Also, a bit of rain for the cool down!

    Merry Christmas to you and Bill!


  13. Well it looks like you had a jolly good day of it!! I'm too late to wish you have Happy Christmas but do wish you a wonderful new year full of lots more visits to interesting places.

  14. I think it is great to be able to go out for Christmas lunch if you don't have a lot of family around my nephews mother and her parents went to the Silver Dolphin for Christmas lunch as it is only the 5 of them.