Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, January 3, 2009


As the sun was setting, David and Carol offered to cook dinner for us last night.

This was going to be a taste delight.

While they worked in the kitchen I could relax and watch my favourite Football team "Brisbane Roar" get beaten by "Melbourne Victory" 2 to 1. They are the two top teams in the A-League and it was a good game to watch.

Then I hear, "Dinner is ready." The smell was mouth watering.

There was omelette with peanut sauce

Rump steak strips

Asian vegetables,including water cress, bamboo shoots, bean shoots, mushrooms and snow peas.

Rice noodles, tomato, cos lettuce, coriander, mint and 3 sauces: Hot chilly sauce, mild chilly sauce and no chilly sauce (that is because David likes it HOT, Carol and I like it medium and Bill doesn't like chilly)

It was delicious!



  1. Oh it does look delicious Diane...What good cooks you have in your family and to cook for you, an added bonus....

    I`m with Bill, not a huge fan of chilly, even the sweet is too hot for me....

  2. Keep it up with all these good dishes you've been showing and you're going to find me on your doorstep. :)

  3. it certainly looks delish. what with mandy's plum cheesecake and your thai. i'm hungry now. Fran

  4. Yep I'm another one who doesn't like chilly.....

    The food looks great and I bet it tasted yummy.

  5. Yes this all looks very appetizing! How wonderful to have such great cooks in the family.

  6. Afternoon Diane
    You are right! Yum! Yum! How talented the young ones are. Apart from the sheer joy of having them home, they make a great contribution in the kitchen.

  7. I'm glad I didnt come here on an empty tummy.....its all about the food isnt it....

    AND I got a bit tricked by your daughter changing her hair so dramatically...looks great though.....

    Sounds like you had a fabulous festive season....Happy New Year....Kim

  8. Kim I have 2 daughters, the one above is the eldest, Carol-Ann, she mostly has long dark hair worn in a pony tail or worn out. But the younger one, Sonya, has a different hair stule and colour everytime I see her.She's the one in the Christmas Eve post. She has gone back to work in Sydney now but Carol and David are here from London for 10 weeks.

  9. Hello Diane, that dinner sounds fabulous. Sounds like you are having a ball with both your daughters. I just dropped by to wish you a very Happy New Year. All the very best best to both you and Bill. I will get back into blogging again shortly. Will start one up here as I have left the Pond. They don't like it when you cancel your account. Anyway cheers and all the best. Linley

  10. Great nosh....and the bonus... the youngsters cooking always tastes better...


  11. Hi Diane,
    I am so sorry to hear about your brother's failing health. Cancer is an enemy to all and a savage beast. I pray you have strength to to carry peaceful thoughts and that your brother is not in pain. My heart is with you as my own brother is fighting this same enemy, his is lung cancer.
    Please know I am sending virtual hugs across the world to you, your brother and all who love him.

  12. Hi Diane;
    thank you very much for the Christmas DVD. The food looks very great and delicious! Yum,yum! It's nice to see you all together... :-) best regards Marianne & Stefan and Kids from the cold, cold Switzerland Brrrrrrrrrr!