Brisbane, QLD

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bernie at Summer Bay

Bernard Curry is our daughter's partner. He is a budding Australian actor and has appeared in many TV shows and movies. See more here.

Sonya and Bernie at the Sydney Film Festival. He is a lovely young man but I think his generation use different terms like "hunk" or "hottie". You may remember on my Christmas post how he helped cook the dinner. He has been offered a contract with the soapy "Home and Away."
He plays the part of Hugo the dive instructor.

Home and Away plays in the town of Summer Bay. It is actually filmed at Palm Beach in Sydney.

is a long running soap opera geared towards young people. It is not our type of show but I guess we will be watching some episodes now.


  1. Wow! Diane this is great news. Congratulations to Bernie. Yes! He is a hunk and Sonya is a doll. A great looking young couple and we have seen that they have talents in the kitchen.

    I will make the effort to switch it on occasionally and cath a peek...

  2. Hello Diane,
    I am sure you will be watching Home & Away now. Good to hear he has a job now.

  3. How exciting! And he is quite the "hottie!" ;)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Why don'tcha come over for some feesh and cheeps next time you're over?!

    My brother lives in Beenleigh. (Just thought I'd throw that in, no reason really.)

  5. That's quite a coup Diane, dive masters always have to have a hunk factor of about 9.5!

  6. Thats great news Dianne... its great exposure (even if its mainly geared to teeny boppers)

    It would be a 'tough' workplace - Palm Beach!!!

  7. Now Diane, I am an OLE WOMAN, but Bernie sure lights my fires some. He is definitely a "hunk." Cute couple.

  8. It`s one of my all time favourite shows Diane....Now I can say "I know that guy"

  9. Congratulations to your daughter's partner.....hey the next Guy Pierce...
    lizzie B

  10. How exciting to have a celeb in the family! A fine looking young man! :)

  11. What a cutie - in that "rugged" way too! Your daughter is beautiful and they make a darling couple - it must be so fun having them both around !