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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One of our Christmas presents was a "Clacker". What is a "Clacker?" I hear you ask.

This is a "Clacker." Still not sure......

......watch this.....

Place the "Clacker" on top of a boiled egg. Lift the metal ball up the shaft.....

....then let the ball fall......and "CLACK".....

The egg shell is cracked in a perfect ring with no broken shell pieces. Put the knife in gently and...

...lift the lid....

a perfectly cut boiled egg with no mess.


  1. Oh. My. Heck! Where did you find such an inventive item?! I love it - it has been YEARS since I had a soft-boiled egg. My mother used to have cute egg-cups and she's tap, tap, tap the shell and it would ALWAYS leave shell bits on or in the egg. This is totally ...WonDERfUL!

  2. I would love one of those I always make a mess when I am cutting the top of an egg.

  3. that's amazing. where did you get it? it reminds me that when i was a kid and we had boiled eggs my father would say that he had an idea for just such an invention. he said that one day he'd perfect it but alas, he never did. Fran

  4. Fran, Our daughter and son in law gave it to us for Christmas. They bought it in London but I think you should be able to get them here in a fancy kitchen shop

  5. I love that! If I ever get out of this house and back to life, I'm going to find me one. Not that I'd ever use it because of my lack of cooking, but I just want to say...."I have a clacker". Very neat.

  6. Oh I do say, how posh! I see I have allot of cathing up to do, so you'll be seeing a few more comments from me in a bit.

    Thanks for all your encouraging words and happy thoughts sent over the waves.

  7. Diane, i saw something that does the job in a shop the other day, i hardly ever have boiled eggs so didn't get one but fondly remembered dad. have i told you how much i love your profile pic? i'm sure i have but i'll tell you again. it's beautifully done, your daughter has a real talent. cheers, Fran

  8. A great invention...Would tempt the grandchilderen into eating the boiled eggs bribed with the use of a clacker and what a terrific name, a clacker, up there with tazer's booby birds.
    lizzie B.

  9. I did not know such a thing existed. My husband will be having to have one once he catches wind of this.;)

  10. For those who really want a "Clack" here is the website which I found on the side of the box. By the way its called a "Clack" not clacker as I thought.

  11. very posh and very British. What a great tool i sure could use one of those in my cooking tool box will have to look up the website.

  12. My goodness, never seen or heard of that - looks good though....