Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, January 29, 2009

PNGAA Members Enjoy Lunch in Brisbane

There are people all over Australia who used to work and live in Papua/New Guinea. Some of them have joined the Papua/New Guinea Association of Australia.. We sometimes get together to rekindle friendships, reminisce and discuss ideas for the future.

Colin (Mr Mellow Yellow) organised a lunchtime get together at Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane. He arranged for us to meet in the Whistle Stop Bar at Central Station. He gives Murray and ........ a warm welcome.

Joseph, Phil and Keith (from Sydney) arrive and...

......Richard shows Paul his new belt buckel. Richard loves boys toys and Paul is not sure about it. Then we adjourn to the restaurant for a buffet lunch.

There were 16 of us and the company was great. Paul, Murray, Bill, Keith, Josephine and Richard.......

Kathrine, Joseph, Henry, Colin, Diane, Bill, Peter, Margaret, David, and Phil.
Mr Mellow Yellow over indulging in dessert. (yellow too)

Katherine and her choice of dessert.
When we all had our fill we went to the coffee lounge and discussed ideas about the future objectives of our Association. Among other things we would like to strengthen the civil relationship between the people of Australia and Papua /New Guinea. After coffee it was time to roll our big bellies home.

We hosted friends Peter and Margaret from The Hunter Valley in NSW. It was fun having them stay for a few days.


  1. Another wonderful contribution to friendship, precise prose and good photography

  2. It's wonderful that you guys still get together, and in such good numbers!

    Those sweeties are making my mouth water even now. Must hunt down some chocolate soon I think.

    Belt buckles - what is it with men? We know someone that has a HUGE collection of John Deere Pewter belt buckles. They weigh a ton and are as large as a bread and butter plate!
    Not a subtle thing to have adorning your groin!

  3. What fun you all seem to have had. Nice photographs.

    BTW, Diane I come to your site each day just to see the picture in your header. This picture of you and BB sitting in this beautiful scene, and enjoying it and your time together touches me so much. Don't ever change your header picture please. I imagine my sweet grandparents when I look at the two of you -- maybe they found such a beautiful scene in Heaven to sit and enjoy together. Bet they did!

  4. You have more friends and lunches that look like gobs of fun. How great!

  5. scratch that last comment. It's strange I comment and sometimes they go through and sometimes not. Love the pictures. Makes me want to come for a visit. When I think of you I always wonder what's going on down there.

  6. Thank you all for comments.
    Kathleen you are so kind with your comment. It really made me feel good. I sometimes think it is time to change the Title pic but now you've convinced me to keep it.

  7. Oh Diane, please never change it. Have you ever noticed the perfect symmetry of the trees framing you, and the beautiful bird in flight directly in front of the two of you. Everything about this photograph is just so perfect. You could never find another as perfect as this. And the color of that water and sky - oh but God's creations are glorious!