Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve because Bill is from Switzerland and that is when they celebrate. It has turned out to be a good idea because the girls can go to their in laws on Christmas Day. It is also pleasant eating Christmas Dinner in the cool of the evening rather than the heat of the day.
The young ones have offered to organise the dinner. Carol drew up a time table for when all the chores should be done. Bernie and Sonya start on making pumpkin salad and .......

.......Bernie has a unique way of cutting onions without making his eyes water.........

............ wear dive goggles of course. He is making caramelized onions.
Sonya and Bernie were given a giant zucchini on their trip, so Sonya stuffed it and Bernie puts the finishing touches to it.

Then he starts on the two Snapper fish, stuffing them with ginger and limes.

Bill makes his famous potato salad and bean salad.

David cooks the fish in the barbeque

The guests are arriving. David's parents, Bill and Alma, together with his sisters Adele and Melody and her partner Steve.

The buffet is ready snapper, prawns, ham, potato salad, bean salad, pumpkin salad, Greek salad, stuffed zucchini, caramelized onion and garlic bread.

Time to eat.

An Australian Christmas dinner. (Many people still stick to the traditional English turkey, pork, ham and roast vegetables with plum pudding, but not us)

We sit outside in the warm Queensland evening hoping a storm won't appear..... looks a bit that way........

...but no, it passes by and we continue with......

Alma's famous trifle and.....

...the girls made a fruit platter.

Then it was inside to give out the presents. David and.......

......Bernie took it turns to be Santa.

What a fabulous Christmas with all of us together. It is the first time we have had a photo of us all together including Bernie.


  1. What a wonderful evening. And why haven't I ever thought of something like that while cutting onions! I definately want some of the zuchinni (I always forget which consonant is doubled) and the carmelized onions (who knew) and the trifle and that fruit platter and ... I think... the fish. I've never eaten snapper. But I would like to find out. So glad you had your family together for this holiday.

  2. Well all that food looks good and if you like celebrating on Christmas Eve then that great not something I could see myself doing.

  3. Diane I have been wondering how it all went and now I have the pics. Absolutely fabulous!
    I am so pleased to see that each person contributes allowing you to have a restful time as well. Unfortunately, I do not have my lot that well trained..
    Looks like it all went to plan.
    What are the plans for New Years?

  4. Chez, I am so lucky that all the men in my family like cooking. so I clean up, which i don't mind because everything gets put back in its right place.

  5. What a wonderful tradition you have Diane...
    I thought we would be different this year and open our presents Christmas eve...It worked out much better than getting up at the crack of dawn Christmas morning....I didn`t think of having a meal like yours though...Might do something like that for next year so i`m not so rushed....

    The boys and girls did a great job and i`m definitely investing in some of those

    Happy New Year to you and your family Diane....

  6. I'm so glad you stopped by so I could find YOUR blog! I absolutely LOVE the header photo of you & Hubby! Beautiful - and you have a lovely family. It's so fun to see how other parts of the world celebrate the holidays (in shorts!) Growing up in Arizona, we didn't have snow and Christmas in shorts was the norm - brings back great memories. Your family is beautiful and look so relaxed and fun-loving - I WILL be back!:-)

  7. That is a beautiful family picture, Diane!:)

    It looks like you and your family had a very merry Christmas!
    I pray that you and your family have an abundantly blessed 2009!

    God Bless,

  8. Jane says thank you for sharing your Christmas. Bill must win the top prize for the Chef with top Style. Loved the Snapper. Both Jane and I still miss Queensland. Especially the Surf and Sand. Happy New Year

  9. I just gained ten pounds looking at the photos of your mouthwateringly gorgeous Christmas Eve dinner. Wowzer! I now know that I would LOVE to eat at your house! Chez Diane (and Bill) looks to be the best dining spot in Queensland.