Brisbane, QLD

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mount Tamborine

Our daughter, Carol, and son inlaw, David, are on holidays in Australia from London. Today David visited his parents and we took Carol to Mount Tamborine for lunch and a stroll through "Gallery Walk." Mount Tamborine is in the hinterland of The Gold Coast. There are many national parks and forest walks. There are also many Art and Craft Galleries and Cafes in the villages.

This is Long St in Eagle Heights it is called "The Gallery Walk" as there are galleries wall to wall along both sides of the street, but you can't see them here because of the trees and gardens.

Off we go together with a million tourists to find a cafe for lunch,

We have a look around some of the galleries but they don't allow photos inside some of them.

A German Cuckoo Clock shop.

An English Country Garden Cafe

This is the one we chose "The Chalet Cafe"

Dessert looked good but we didn't have any, we were being very strong. We had a Beef and Burgundy Pie and salad. (I forgot to take a picture??? Not like me)

We strolled a bit further, wandered around a beautiful Gem shop but BB was more interested in finding a coffee shop.


  1. Oh how fun...what season are you in down there:) The beautiful skies and flourishing green is very inviting. Looks like you had a fun and relaxing day.

  2. Oh my gosh, Diane, they're all driving on the wrong side of the road!! Looks like a fun day and I would especially like to eat at the English Country Cafe. Seems to be lovely weather... I think I've forgotten what summer feels like :(

  3. Where is Mount Tamborine? Looks like a place I would love to visit. Some great photos here.

  4. How could you pass up BELGIAN WAFFLES????? You must iron wills, all of you!

    It certainly looks so pretty! I would've been fascinated looking into all the little nooks and crannies.

    It's a bugger about some galleries and cameras - the trick is to suss out where the CCTV cameras are, and then an unobtrusive quick snapshot with camera held at chest height.....

  5. Hello Diane,
    Your photos are lovely and I enjoyed following your trip, finally I finished reading it the other day. You certainly have visited some beautiful place which you then captured with your camera and show to us.......thank you

  6. I love to "walk" around the new places I find here in blog-land. Sadly, I'm not much of a traveler (yet) however, I just love seeing new things, places and people. I "computer-chair travel" with you all and thank you for taking me along :-)

  7. lol...Cindy knows the tricks....
    Looks beautiful there Diane....
    You all must have strong will power to pass up on those treats....

  8. Diane, Mt Tamborine sounds like it would be prefect for me at this time. Lucky you! Of course having your wonderful daughter to share in the joy makes it so much better for you and Bill

  9. Tamborine has changed a lot since we used to go walking there.

  10. Looks a great spot to visit....Sticky Date AND CHOCOLATE pud...

  11. Oh it looks like you had a grand time, I'm glad you are getting to enjoy some time with your daughters, are they both still there or has Sonja gone home now?

  12. Amazing pictures you have shared of your trip to Tambourine. It is great to be there. I will surely visit there this Christmas. Keep posting.

    Mt Tamborine Markets