Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Our daughter, Carol-Ann and husband David are on holiday here from London. This week they are GOING to Melbourne and Sydney. They fly to Melbourne to visit friends they made when they used to live there. They will also check out their apartment to make sure the tenants are taking care of it. Then they fly to Sydney to stay with sister, Sonya, and partner Bernie. They will be checking out Sydney as a possible place to live when they return from U.K.

We are about to take them to the airport. They are "GOING." The next day we had friends "COMING" to stay overnight. They live on an acreage in a country town called Esk and their house is surrounded by tall trees, which are full of loudly singing cicadas. The noise drives them mad sometimes so they come to us for a little respite.

We took our friends for a drive to Cleveland, which is a town situated on the southern side of Moreton Bay. east of Brisbane. It takes about 30 mins to get there from home. We walked through the park towards Raby Bay.

Raby Bay is a canal estate with big houses and posh boats.

There is a marina, a board walk and restaurants.

Bill, Norm and Joan head for a ..........
.........nice restaurant (Hog's Breath) by the water.

A cute waiter from South Africa served us. (Like Dianne he has escaped SA)

He took a photo of us. Retirees having an adventure before dementia. We have known each other for over 40 years.

Then we played with my new camera that has a "smile detection" setting. It takes 6 pics with one press but it won't shoot unless it detects a smile. Then you can pick the best one of the 6.

BB kept pulling silly faces but the camera wouldn't shoot until he smiled. How do people invent such things?

Whoops! Nearly forgot to take the food again. This is half eaten Prime Rib steak. Hogs Breath cook the steak for 18 hours at a very low heat in special ovens and the meat is so tender and juicy and delicious. Bill loves their curly chips.

After lunch we tried a little walk along the board walk ....

...but we didn't go far before we turned back as it was very hot and Norm didn't have a hat. I spied a sculpture and wasn't sure what it was......

...but BB said it was a wind surfer and proceeded to show us how to wind surf while Norm fools around in the background. Boys will be boys. The good thing about being senior citizens you can act silly and get away with it.

On the way back to the car, I noticed these park benches looked like a sculpture too.
Now our friends are GOING home and our daughter will be COMING back on Sunday.


  1. Great tour and the sun does appear fierce....
    Regards, lizzie b

  2. You certainly have had a busy Christmas period with family and friends...No time for boredom to set in...
    Nice to see how the rich live..Damn
    We have Hogs breath cafe`s here also but I have never ventured in as i`m not a big red meat eater....It does look delicious ...

    And yes, why not be young at heart..After all we only live once so we need to make a good time of it....

  3. Diane, I love the pics and your are doing so well with the new camera. Must ask if you have worked out the Macro setting for close ups? I am having trouble because I do not spend enough time 'playing' with it.

    What a busy Christmas period you have had! We have not had the visitors so I am going to try and run the two blogs for awhile. I found I missed my BigBlog friends. Could be interesting!

    Love the thought of remaining 'Young at Heart'

  4. Hello Diane,
    Lovely to have your family home for awhile....good to have your friends to stay also. My goodness, a camera that doesn't take a photo unless you smile, oh dear!! I expect you get used to that. All your picture are lovely. Do continue to have fun...

  5. I'm all for being as silly as you can, as often as you can. Especially in public.

    I'm hungry again after looking at your plates.

    Wow, Cleveland certainly has changed since I was there 13 years ago. We had friends who lived there and could gaze out over the mangroves to North Straddy.

    It was here that both Jez and I contracted Rubella. What an itchy time we had....

  6. Looks wonderful. Especially the steak. I don't eat meat a alot but steak really hits the spot sometimes.

  7. You must be excited about your daughter coming back to Oz to live. That smile detection function sounds hilarious, I can just see it would get the most ridiculous facial expressions as people try to trick it into thinking they are smiling. How does it distinguish between a sneer, a grimace, a pursing of the lips, a tight smile, a grin, a yawn????

    I think the silliness of senior citizens is SO important that we should all start practising from a young age!

  8. Ohhhh curly fries....yuuummmeeee...

    Havent been to Hogs Breath for almost 2 years....I do remember they did a chicken taco salad which was just the best...took it off the menu unfortunately...

    We are having Indian delivered any minute now - probably wont get the opportunity to take photos - you need a lot of colour I think to make it worthwhile - did manage some food shots up in Cairns though....

    Cheers.....and happy meals out! Kim

  9. I LOVE the photo of the benches. They do look like sculpture.

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time with good friends, good food and a cute waiter! LOL The weather looked as if it was perfect for you. Thanks for taking us along! I love seeing new places :-)

  11. You're right about the waiter!!

  12. Ah, Diane, you killing me with this post, I was looking at your photos and missing SA, not the crime tho, or the "Eish, I don't know".

    I have seriously been thinking we may try Oz next, you make it look so inviting.