Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last Monday I received news that my brother had died in London. We went to our favourite nursery, had lunch in their cafe, a lovely whiting fish salad. Then we bought a tree to plant in memory of David. It is a Callistemon, a bottle brush tree, but we are going to call it the "David Tree."

Here it is a little bottle brush tree. Ouch! I don't believe I'm posting a picture showing how daggy I look in gardening clothes.LOL.

These are the beautiful flowers it will have. There are all different kinds of Callistemons and I am trying to get a variety in my garden.

I called BB to help dig the hole.

Then I added some good soil from the compost heap.

Unfortunately it looks like it has been in the pot too long. Hope the roots spread. I pulled them appart a little but natives don't like their roots damaged.

In it goes.

Put the mulch back but not too close to the stem.

Lots of water. The temperature today is 35C/ 95 F.

Ta da. "The David Tree"

I hope it grows to fill this space in my garden and produce beautiful flowers. Every time I see it I will remember my brother, David.


  1. That is very sweet, Diane. Such a nice way to remember your brother.

    God Bless,

  2. What a neat thing to do. My daughter planted a rose tree when she lost her first child and she finds a lot of comfort in that planting. May you find comfort as well in the years to come.

  3. Oh Diane, what a beautiful way to remember your David by. I love this. I'm going to have to plant a new azalea in my grandparents memory. My grandmother loved to garden. Seeing your picture brought back some precious memories of her in those gardening clothes and hat. Thank you so much for the memories. When I get my new printer, fax, scanner hooked up at home, I have a wonderful picture of my grandparents in front of their beautiful azaleas. I will be sure and post this on my blog especially for you - sweet lady gardener.

  4. Remember his laugh, his love and his legacy! You were, no doubt, a wonderful sister to him and I'm equally certain he loved you with all his heart!

  5. This is a great way to remember someone.

  6. Dear Diane,

    Heartfelt condolences on the loss of your brother David. I am so sorry.

    I think your memorial for David is splendid. I have two Japanese maples in my garden at my cabin, one for each of my parents. And two windchimes at the city place, again one for each parent. The sound of the chimes reminds me of happy times and seeing the beautiful little maples makes me remember, too. I know your David Tree will bring you comfort.

    Keeping you in my heart,

  7. Mum! A lovely blog entry! You could dry the first flowers the David Tree produces and press them or dry them...
    Looking forward to your visit to the coast with us!

    Love you to bits and pieces,
    Carol & Dave

  8. Dear Diane, what a wonderful and affectionately
    glowing memorial. The tree will grow and show his beautiful flowers and I hope you can find a little comfort, when you take care of the David tree and look to him.
    Best regards Marianne

  9. Diane, the callistemon will always be a wonderful reminder of David, even when it is not in bloom.

    We were fortunate that Tobin Bros (Funeral Directors) have a tree planting in the Dandenong Ranges. They do it twice a year and all families receive an invitation. I thought it was a wonderful chance to plant a tree in memory of Jezz. I chose an Australia Indigo (Jezz being an Indigo Child) I thought it was wonderful and, as you know, we now have our own Memorial Garden.

  10. I love your David Tree Diane...I have two of them myself in the front graden and the native birds love them.....
    I did the same thing when my father passed away, a rose bush and everytime it flowers it brings back some wonderful memories of him....

  11. And when it is full of sweet nectar for the bees and the birds it will bring so much joy to many.

    A lovely, beautiful way to remember.

  12. I hope the David Tree grows and blooms without and trouble I think planting a tree or bush is a great way to remember someone.

  13. What a wonderful way to remember someone special to you. And thanks for sharing the process of how to plant the tree. Why can't you put the mulch close to the stem?