Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Sunday, January 26, 2014


On this day, 26 January in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip planted the Union Flag in Sydney Cove and started the first European settlement in Australia.

 Today our national flag has the Union Jack in the corner to show that we belong to the British Commonwealth of Nations. Underneath the Union Jack is a seven pointed star. One point for each of the six states and one point for the Australian Territories. On the right hand side is the star formation called the Southern Cross.

There are 26 Aussie shots on this page for the 26 January (25 below and 1 above). 
1. Frangipani Beach at the northern tip of Australia.
2. Story Bridge Brisbane, QLD
3. Lamington National Park QLD
4. Lake Eyre, SA
5. Royal Hotel, Country NSW
6. Uluru, NT
7. Brisbane City, QLD
8. Koala, Daisy Hill, QLD
9. Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW
10. Milaa Milaa waterfall, FNQ
11. Wave Rock, WA
12. Sydney Opera House, NSW
13. Cooktown sunset, FNQ
14. Torres Strait, Thursday Island, QLD
15. Wallaby, Daisy Hill, QLD
16. Water Dragon, Roma St. Gardens, Brisbane, QLD
17. Gold Coast, QLD
18. Cobold Gorge, FNQ
19. Lamington National Park, Qld
20. Cape Tribulation, FNQ
21. Wildflowers, WA
22. Merimbula Beach, NSW
23. Kookaburra, Daisy Hill, QLD
24. Wattle, Australia's national flower, WA
25. Coloured beach huts, Mt Martha, Vic.


  1. Happy Australia Day to you too! :)

  2. Happy Australia Day to you and yours!

    Wonderful post for Australia Day.

  3. thanks for explaining the flag! happy australia day to you!

  4. Happy Australia Day!
    And thanks for the info on the flag.

  5. Happy Australia Day....have fun xx

  6. Fabulous photos, Diane. Happy Australia Day to you too. Hope it's a good one for you.

    It's hot, steamy and sticky up here. We're hoping for some rain today.

  7. I hope you have a very happy and wonderful Australia Day. Thanks for all the photos (and the identification of each).

  8. Happy Australia Day Diane and to Australians everywhere. It sure is a beautiful flag and I loved your collage all those great places you have visited.

  9. "Well done, Diane, a great collection of Australian photos for our National day.I can now claim First Fleeter privilage, one of my mob was on the "Charlotte", a convict sailing hulk. Once was considered a blot on one's heritage, now a badge of honour.

    What about the New Yorker's tribute to Australia - The Empire State building to be lit up in Green and Gold for this day. The switch turned on by Oscar winner, Hugh Jackman! "

    Vegemite on toast for breakfast - Yah. Go Australia."

  10. Happy Aussie Day and I seen you snuck in a Royal into your fabulous collage of Aussie shots.

  11. Diane, Happy Australia day! I am a little late of course!
    I love your awesome collage, beautiful scenes from Australia. Have a great week!

  12. you might have guessed my eye went straight to the koala bear, lizard and kangaroo..your flag is really beautiful and i have not seen one before. great shot of it waving. Happy Australia day. my hubby is spending hours each day watching tennis in your country

  13. Beautiful photos of a beautiful country! And thanks for explaining the symbols on the flag. I didn't know their meanings before. Happy Australia Day, Diane.

  14. well done Diane, a neat Australia day post; great collage

  15. A conservative person called in on our local radio station, 'this was when Captain Cook discovered and settled Australia. We are of English stock and should be proud of it'. Of course she was wrong.

    As a fifth generation Australian, I have the blood of five nations, not just England.

    Your montage of photos is great.

  16. Happy Australia Day! I like your roll call of photos.

  17. All lovely shots... especially interesting to me is the opera house, and I always love seeing kangaroos. I will never get over the fact that there are places other than the zoo where i might see one of these.

  18. You have seen so much of our wonderful country Diane. Beautiful photos! Happy Australia Day celebrations.

  19. Such iconic images of Australia. Hope you enjoyed the day.

  20. This is what I get for not checking in regularly. An important day for you to which I can say.....


  21. Brilliant collage for Australia Day Diane, hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

  22. Beautiful Aussie pictures -- they all look like they could be stamps or tourist book pictures...

    Happy Day, (a little late).

  23. A belated wish for a most happy Australia Day! Wonderful series of photos, as usual.

  24. Awesome! Looks like we appreciate a lot of the same things!! Have a great weekend, my friend!