Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 18, 2011


We left Geraldton and headed south towards Perth in Western Australia.

Pt Denison.

We stopped at Port Denison for morning tea. It was showery and cold. I found a seat but wished that I was 60 years younger.

It was the last day of our "Western Wildflower Wonderland Tour" so we got together for a group photo. They were a great crowd to travel with. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Before arriving in Perth we had lunch at the town of Cervantes. Then we were taken to Nambung National Park to see The Pinnacles . They are limestone spires, which were created millions of years ago. Wind and rain erosion has exposed the Pinnacles from under the golden, quartz, sand dunes. No one knows how they were formed.

However, there are theories. The favoured one is that plants played a role in the creation of the Pinnacles. Minerals are drawn from the sand to the roots. There is a lot of calcium derived from shells. An excess of calcium builds up over the plant and turns into calcrete. When the plant dies the cavities are also filled with carbonate material.

One of my tour buddies and I did the 2.5 k walk around the desert and up to the lookout. The structure's shapes and sizes were fascinating. 

 Cars are allowed to drive around but they must stay on the designated tracks. We walked up the hill in the background to the lookout.

The view was like out of a science fiction movie. We were lucky that the rain held off.

Then we headed back to the bus for the last time. It wasn't easy trying to find the markers that led us out of the desert. Soon we were in Perth and at the end of this tour.


  1. An amazing natural phenomenon. Good you made the walk upside, so we also have a great overview.
    It was a very interesting tour through this part of your country, we learned a lot of your explanations and wonderful photo's.

  2. Another neat stop on your tour Diane. The Pinnacles are interesting looking spires, it must have been fun walking amond the structures. They kind of remind me of Bryce Canyon here in the States. Wonderful post and photos. If this is the end of your tour, where are you going next. I am sure you have something planned. Have a great Sunday and a Merry Christmas!

  3. The second last photo scene is amazing.

  4. Nambung is fantastic. Enjoy your life as much as possible now, Don't look forward to laten or don't try to look back in the past trying to be younger again. I don't even know if this would be attractive even when it was possible.


  5. Amazing Diane - Thanks for sharing :)

  6. those pinnacles are amazing. and love the car shot. i only wish I was back to age 40 and holding. LOL

  7. What a landscape ! looks so unreal !Could be somewhere on the moon.

    only you with your tea on this special seat look real, lol !

  8. Very spooky looking. Incredible and the colours are spectacular. x

  9. My dear
    60 years younger, that would
    make - 10 years :-)
    That's a fascinating desert.
    I wish I would be there.

  10. Hi Diane, My Goodness---those pinnacles truly looked out of place there, didn't they? That looks like some of the things we saw out west --at places like Bryce Canyon.

    Sounds like you had a nice walk... Loved the view from up on the hill. Wow!!!!!

    Glad you had a nice trip and enjoyed the people you were with...


  11. You look such a happy bunch of travelers Diane - it makes all the difference. Wow! Those pinnacles definitely look like something straight out of a movie scene - Amazing!

  12. Wow how amazing loved the photos you have shared I would love to see them myself you are so lucky to be able to do so much traveling.

  13. The Pinnacles are amazing. I love the color, and, of course, the shapes are fantastic. Thanks for taking us along with you on this fabulous trip.

  14. Well! You did get real chummy with dolphins even if they were blue and out of the water. Thank God there were no sea rangers around, you might have ended up with a ticket - sitting on dolphins is against the law!
    Those "Pinnacles" remind me of the big ant nests that you see out west. I guess they certainly aren't otherwise you would hardly have your bum resting on them - ha ha!
    Great reporting on your wonderful trip.

  15. "It wasn't easy trying to find the markers that led us out of the desert." — ooh, scary!
    Fascinating things, though, those pinnacles. What a super trip for you.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  16. What an amazing tour! I'm glad you did find your way back!
    (Don't worry, pinterest will not take me away from my blog. Pinterest is just an organizational tool, a place to keep fun ideas and inspiration in one place.)

  17. What an amazing place. As I scrolled through your photos at all the pinnacles I kept seeing different creatures, sort of like watching cloud patterns. This must have been a great place to explore. I have really enjoyed the wildflower tour through your eyes.

  18. What wonderful photos you have of an amazing landscape. Just lovely

  19. what a gorgeous landscape!
    i really enjoyed this tour though your beautiful photos.

    wishing a great week ahead! x

  20. More amazing photos, and a truly surreal landscape. Thanks for taking us along with the rest of your great bunch.

  21. What interesting formations but my favorite is of your seat while having tea! LOL Happy holidays...

  22. I just love natural creations like these! We have some in my area called mima mounds. No one knows exactly what caused them, many suspect glaciers and glaciation, but there is no proven theory. Did you ever see any hoodoos while you were in the States? They are pretty cool, too, and they are caused by erosion and are quite similar to what you saw in WA.

    Happy Christmas!

  23. GREAT: I can travel though your photos: thank you for that!
    I wish you an Holy Merry Christmas full of God´s blessings

  24. The Pinnacles are such interesting formations and the color of the surrounding dessert there was so intense and beautiful!

  25. How fascinating! The spires really do look like something out of a science fiction movie.

    Guess what!! We get to see a tiny bit of your beautiful country. We will be attending a seminar in Melbourne on 23-24 June. We will probably come a day or so early to do a little sightseeing. You'll have to tell me what to visit and some good photo ops!

  26. Wow -- those are great. Reminds me some of some places in the American Southwest and yet not quite. Would love to see this.