Brisbane, QLD

Monday, December 26, 2011


We celebrated on Christmas Eve at our house with a seafood and salad buffet, a fruit platter and Christmas cake.
Prawns, Moreton Bay Bug and
Snapper fish hiding behind the prawns.

Only a small crowd this year.
 Carol, David and his parents, Alma and Bill.
 On Christmas Day we went to Alma and Bill's house and had traditional turkey and ham with roast potatoes and vegetables. It was delicious. There was also trifle and pudding.
Two happy, full reindeer.

 More Christmas bokeh.
Now the diet begins.


  1. Oh yes, that food, you feel the kilo's growing on your hips...

  2. A lovely way to spend Christmas. All the best to you and your family.
    ☼ Sunny

  3. Hi Diane, sounds like a wonderful Christmas dinner with your family! Beautiful photos.

  4. Merry Christmas to you all, Diane. I remember Bill and Alma from last year? Oooh, do I know what you're saying about the diet. Mmm. We've just returned from a ten-day safari across Kenya so I'll post sometime later. Hugs Jo

  5. hey we have the same motto, and now the diet begins, 3 days straight of eating and i am now officially Mrs Pillsbury dough boy. love those bokeh shots especially the elephant

  6. A DIET!!!!
    C'mon, the day the word "DIET" is put into action at the Bohlen household, we will be watching a flock of pink pigs flying across the sky!!!
    Now I must find my binoculars and search the skies above.

    Oh dear my mouth is salvinating just looking at those prawns!

    Colin (HB)
    PS: I'll phone you the moment I see those "pink pigs"!!!!!

  7. Lovely memory-making shots Diane. As for the diet, I received a new slant on it's interpretation -
    "Did I Eat That?"! Have a great New Year.

  8. A belated happy Christmas to you - looks like you had one anyway! You certainly know how to celebrate. And I really like all the bokeh shots.

  9. Sounds like you had a couple of fantastic days..........

  10. All the traditional Christmas food is nice but your sea food Christmas Eve meal looks delicious. Love those bokeh shots!

  11. Bokeh - a new word for me. I googled it. Now I have a word for how I see the world when I take off my glasses and look at the lights at night! I've got natural bokeh vision! LOL.

    Merry Christmas Diane...your meals are very tempting! Yes, the diet...I guess we all need to get serious about that now. I sure do!

  12. Dear Diane, you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I wish you and Bill a healthy and happy New Year; en guata Rutsch ins neui Johr!
    Hugs T♥

  13. love your reindeer ears. lunch looked delish. happy new year to you and your lovely family. i agree about the diet unfortunately. i'm in need of one. love the elephant too :)

  14. You had a real nice Christmas, we were only 4 plus Toby who had chosen these days to get two back teeth, lol !

  15. Ah yes..DIET is my mantra now! Your Christmas looked wonderful!

  16. Looks like a wonderful Christmas (both of them!)