Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I play tennis every Thursday with a great bunch of senior ladies. At the end of each year they have an outing paid for by the little extra that we pop in the tin each tennis day. This year we chose to go to the Full Moon Hotel at Sandgate.
Sandgate is a bayside suburb of Brisbane situated 16k north of the city. It was settled in 1853 and when the railway arrived it became a popular place for people to go for seaside recreation and to cool off in summer. 
 We copied the early travellers and caught a train. First we all met in the city and had a coffee.

Unfortunately it wasn't a sunny day for us but it didn't stop us having fun. We walked from the station.....

 ....passing the historic Town Hall.

 We soon arrived at the Full Moon Hotel, which was built in the 1860's and called Osbourne House then and provided accommodation for the travellers. It overlooks Bramble Bay and has a great seafood menu
This is how it looks on a sunny day. I took this with my phone on an earlier visit to Sandgate.

 After a delicious lunch and lots of happy chatter we strolled back to the station without needing umbrellas. We passed some earlier styled homes on the way.

The next Thursday at tennis we decided to continue the Christmas spirit and we all brought a plate of food and had another party
My great tennis mates. Two ladies cannot play any more due to medical reasons but they still come for  the social enjoyment.

Party in the tennis shed.


  1. Yes indeed. And the fact that two come along for the friendship- and chatter ...

  2. Even on a rainy day this looks like a beautiful place. What a great way to end the year, an outing with good friends.

  3. Diane
    I am delighted to view your ladies tennis association showing such enthusiasm for the start of a month of the tennis world season in Australia.
    Now who in the group of charming ladies aspires to be Maria Sharapova, minus the "grunts" of course?
    I think maybe in photo #4, the lady sitting opposite you!
    I can also see a Maria Bueno (Brazil 59/60) and a Virgina Wade (UK 77) look-a-likes in the same photo of Wimbledon fame. Wow, you do move in celebrated circles.
    Now what has happened to this post Christmas DIET????
    Colin (HB)

  4. You have to play a lot of tennis to get off the pounds with all the parties, diet??? But you have a lot of fun with the ladies I see.

  5. Diane, looks like a fun year end celebration with yoru tennis friends. Wonderful photos and I love the view from the restaurant. Have a great day!

  6. That certainly was a lot of fun too !

  7. Great blog, Diane. Does look like we are all having fun. Thanks for the photos. Looking forward to another fun year of tennis. See you on 2nd Feb. I'm off to the coast for a few weeks. Cheers, Judy

  8. you lead the most interesting life of any of the blogs i follow. so much travel and fun. looks like a great place to visit and even the walk in the rain looks fun.

  9. Nothing better than a special girls day out (or two). How wonderful to have the opportunity to stay in shape with such wonderful friends.

  10. What a fun thing to do on Thursdays! It's great that you ladies are still so active. I enjoyed playing doubles years ago but it's really been years and years. It's great to see you all having such a nice lunch together.

  11. Good to see all your tennis friends Diane. Looks like another great day with your friends. I never really got into playing tennis but always enjoy watching Wimbledon.

  12. You know how to have fun. Your Christmas card list must run to thousands!

  13. looks like everyone is having a memorable time! i love those delightful photos.

    that is an amazing place to visit as well.

    meeting up with good friends is always fun!

  14. Hi Diane
    Lovely. I have (had actually) a tennis group too in Melbourne. Since I played in the mornings on weekdays, they are mostly senior ladies too. I have missed the year-end lunch unfortunately.