Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Friday, November 18, 2011


We had two, lovely, relaxing days on Tamborine Mountain. Then it was time to wind our way down the mountain towards home. On the way down we stopped at the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk.
This is actually quite a sturdy walkway and only swings a little. We watched others first and.......

 .......then it was our turn. The videographer runs ahead.

 We looked up and ......

 ...we looked down. That took your breath away.

 The skywalk ended and there was a path through the rainforest back to the car park.
It was dark and cool and the trees were so tall reaching for the sunlight.

 There were prickly plants and.......

....vines, small ones and..........

....big ones.

There wasn't much water in the creek, but it was pretty.

There was evidence of history and graffiti.  The slot was cut into the tree by the early timber getters hundreds of years ago. They inserted a plank to climb onto to saw the trunk.
Then it was homeward bound. In half an hour we were at the bottom of the mountain and 15 mins from home and reality.


  1. Even a little bit of swing makes me feel queasy ... but I'd suck it up to see this!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. "Adventure Before Dementia" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


  3. The skywalk looks amazing, being up in the canopy had to be exciting. Beautiful shots, I love those big vines winding around the trees.

  4. How lovely, it looks so cool in a scary way.

  5. that would have been an exciting experience. lovely scenery.

  6. I also enjoyed swinging with you.

  7. I've done that walk but my husband would have none of it ... he doesn't like bridges that swing even a little bit.

    I love your photo of the babbling brook.

  8. It looks like a great walk.


  9. The swing looks frightening to me, I hate hights, but the nature is stunning. A rainforest is so impressive.

  10. Hi Diane, OH --how gorgeous... I'd love to visit a tropical rain-forest like that someday. They certainly did a nice job with the walkway... Wow!!!! How gorgeous!!!

    Too bad about the graffiti though... Darn!!!!

  11. I held my breath on the swinging walk with you! Reminds me of a time when we swung through the canopy on foofie slides. Mmm. My heart still does flip-flops at the thought! Have a great weekend. Jo

  12. love love love the big vine shot. i would not walk across the bridge, scared me looking at it

  13. Beautiful pictures ! I am back with 2 h delay and 5 h at the airport in Hurghada ! I am on my knees, and I am already packing for tomorrow, Toby was one year old yesterday and they do a big party for this reason and also for the housewarming ! I am curious to see their "Tower" !

  14. That rainforest skywalk looks amazing. It must have been breath-taking to have been in the midst of all that beauty.

  15. Nice outing. Looks like a nice place.

  16. Wow! What wonderful shots! I'm sure that it was a great expedition. Greetings from Stuttgart.

  17. One of those vines looks like a snake winding itself around a tree. :-) The sky bridge looks like a lot of fun. My husband thinks it is funny to make the swinging bridge at the zoo sway back and forth when other people are on it. I love it, but I don't think the other people appreciate him very much.
    I'll be doing a big clean out tomorrow too. I'm helping my best friend clean and organize one of the bedrooms over at her house, so that her Airforce son will have a comfortable and clean place to sleep when he comes home for the holidays. (she has so many pets, fur gets everywhere, so we will have quite a bit of washing up to do.)

  18. I would love to be able to visit this beautiful rainforest, Diane! The amount of effort that was required to build and erect that marvellous sky walk is staggering when one sees just how high up you were. What a treat for you to have shared it with us. As always, your storyline and photographs are delightful. Thank you!

  19. Those photos are marvellous and that tree top walk would be magnificent to experience!

  20. WE did a forest walk among the trees in Victoria's Otway Ranges and a high level walk in north London's Kew Botanic (there's that word!) Gardens this time of the year in 2009.
    Kew is amazing. Among dozens of examples of tropical flora, plenty of PNG plants in one of their 'hot houses'.
    Also have done another forest canopy stroll in the Yarra Valley, nth. of Melb.

    Incidentally Judyth had her friend Sue staying with us last night for 1 of their 2 book groups.
    Sue was with u and Billy B. on the very same cruise into the Alaskan fiords maybe 2 years ago ??

    She was in S. America last month and did the helicopter ride over those massive waterfalls on the Argentine-Brazil border. Also canoe treks across Lake Titicaca at extremely high altitude and, naturally, the walk up to the ancient Inca city of Machu Pichu in Peru.

    Like us she likes small travel groups. About 12 folks, max.


  21. Hi Diane, what a cool place to visit. The skywalk sounds like a place hubby and I would love to visit. We love the rainforest and the trees. Your photos are beautiful. I hope you have a great weekend.

  22. Imagine having such a wondrous rainforest just 15 minutes from home. Your photos show the magnificence of such a place!

  23. This is incredible Diane, you certainly go to some amazing places. The skywalk made me smile as it reminded me of a cartoon I saw a while ago on Sandy's blog at IBeati. If you go to the link you'll see what tickled my funny bone.


  24. I saw the walkway and pictured an Indiana Jones movie. :)
    This is a sturdy looking structure and being in the treetops of such old trees would be wonderful.
    You did a wonderful job capturing the prickly branch, that huge vine and that water shot is very lovely!

  25. When you look up and down as you swing through the trees, it is awesome! Thanks

  26. Wonderful spot! I would love to walk that bridge. (My)Bill might have to crawl, swinging bridges make him nervous -- about the only thing that does.