Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


While we were on Tamborine Mountain we visited the Botanic Gardens. Have you noticed how the name of Botanical Gardens has changed to Botanic Gardens? Check it out in your town and see which name is used. I wonder why? I'm guessing it has something to do with grammar (no not grandma) English grammar. Anyway, what the heck come and enjoy the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens with us.

 The gardens were formed in 1982 by volunteers from the local Garden Club. Since then the gardens have been maintained by volunteers with some help from the council.

There are a variety of different gardens ranging from native to exotic.

We started with a the rainforest walk.

Bill's favourite plants are the Bromeliads so we visited that garden next.

Then we walked past the roses and into the Japanese Garden.

We strolled around for an hour or more visiting many more sections. Too many to show here.


Japanese garden

By now we were getting hungry and Ann planned for us to have lunch at The Bavarian Haus.
 The waitress was in costume. We arrived well after lunchtime and most patrons had left.

The view from our table.

 The view on our table.
 Bill had his favourite. I asked him for some help with this caption. I asked him to write down the name of the sausage in German. This is what he wrote:
 German Sausage mit Sauerkraut und es was fan-bloody-tastic.

I had Kassler with Sauerkraut and mash. It was delicious too.
After this we didn't need a big dinner so we stopped by a store and bought some cheese, crackers and fruit and a bottle of wine for back at the B&B later that evening. (Life is tough---no, no, no we are very lucky)


  1. It seems tough but as the say somebody has to do it.

  2. I wanna go baaaccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Ann J

  3. I look at those tropical plants and think how nice it would be to plant them ... but if I could I would be missing the cold climate plants.

    Interesting your observation about Botanic. I was editing a document last week and musing over whether it was correct to change Geographical to Geographic. The 'al' seem superfluous these days.

  4. you are right Diane. it's called the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. i parked there the other day and walked to the hospital. i keep meaning to take the kids there for a wander around. it's not far away. i love Bill's german. lunch looked yummy.

  5. Those gardens are gorgeous. No botanical or botanic gardens here. Next time we get to Portland or Spokane I will check.

    The food looks delicious!

  6. The ""Sauerkraut with sausage" we eat here too. We call it "Zuurkool met worst" and is very common food in the Netherlands in winter and I love it. Funny you eat it in summer. It is nice that the gardens are done by volunteers. Must be a lot of work.

  7. Diane, I will have to check out the name on our local gardens. I do like the sound of botanical gardens rather than botanic. I love all your photos, the flowers are gorgeous. And I love the cute bridge. Your lunch looks delicious. Looks like another great outing.

  8. And today's zoos were the zoological gardens of yesteryear!!

    Whatever the name, the gardens you visited look amazing! And why is it they all have great cafes??!!

  9. Grammar, huh!
    The food looks good you have made me hungry at this time of night :)

  10. Indeed nice gardens, I would have preferred the second plate.


  11. Beautiful gardens, Diane... I love that tropical look... We have to go INSIDE the conservatory at Biltmore in order to see tropical plants here... Love the way they added all of the walkways and bridges...

    Haven't noticed the name change around here ---but things are sometimes slow getting to our country... ha

    Your lunches looks awesome. I would love what Bill had for sure... Fan-bloody-tastic, huh???

  12. I really enjoyed your pictures of the gardens. The Bromeliads are beautiful. The only complaint I have is that your lunch is making me hungry. But I was happy to see that Bill's German is much like mine.

  13. I love botanical gardens (I still say that) You had a beautiful view from your table

  14. beautiful views and my favorite is the sausage. i checked, ours is still bontanical

  15. Our family would certainly enjoy seeing that view from your table.

    Excellent photos Diane.

  16. This is how I see the Garden of Eden..only not with the waitress in costume..and probably not the food service..LOL - great shots!

  17. You are having a tough time, Diane! Lol! Good on you for having such a lovely visit. And no, I've not been back to SA to any botanic/al gardens but will check when I next do go home. Bill would love the lane behind my house. There is a massive bank full of Bromiliads. Your photos are brilliant. Greetings, Jo

  18. Mmmm, I wouldn't mind a plate of sausage and sauerkraut right now...

    I checked the garden names....there is the South Coast Botanic Garden...and on Catalina Island they have the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens....I guess we're a bit confused here in California.

  19. I've noticed that one or two the places I've been to have changed to botanic from botanical. Interesting!
    Lovely photos again but oh my gosh, after looking at those last two photos I'm hungry now ;)

  20. such beautiful gardens, but looking at that sausage oh mouth's watering!
    now i'm hungry!

  21. I went there and took photos of the little bridge,

  22. Hello diane.
    wow...the fotos are fantastic...and all that food...Oh, my....
    have a good night sleep.

  23. Lush gardens, a lovely red-posted bridge, a spectacular view, good food and friends - sounds like a perfect day! Well, especially with wine and cheese to end it. :)

  24. Wonderful photos of the "Botanic" gardens! (No, I had not noticed the change from botanical to botanic, but I'll be paying attention from now on. Interesting.) I would have loved to have walked through that garden with you (you would have had to tell me all the tropical plant names). How beautiful!

  25. Gorgeous photos - as always.

    And I PROMISE I had not seen your title of this blog, when I published my own post today entitled, "Have You Noticed?" :)

    Really - what are the odds? :)

  26. What a wonderful place to visit Diane - I'd go there just for the lunch - it looks scrumptious! oh! and that little Japanese bridge is ever so cute!

  27. :) a great life. what a lovely place (am I repeating myself, think I wrote the same thing in the other post)... anyway, the food look great.

  28. I love visiting gardens like that! Your lunch sure looks yummy. I'll have to look up Kassler, as I've never heard of that.)

  29. I could easily grow to love tough were I able to lead such a marvellous existence! Loved Bill's caption and I must say, both plates of food looked yummy. I was most intrigued to learn that this marvellous garden is volunteer designed and maintained! That seems amazing! Such passion and dedication, such commitment! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us.

  30. I loved the botanic garden in Sydney! Both forms of the name are used here in NY, as we have the "Brooklyn Botanic Garden" and the Bronx has the "New York Botanical Garden."

    Bills sausage lunch looked delicious!