Underwood Park, QLD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For my regular visitors, who I appreciate very much, I have to apologise for withholding the wedding photos but I am unable to publish them for a week or so due to matters beyond my control.

In the meantime here are some pics of our other activities while we were at Rye. We played, cuddled, kissed and laughed with Fox.

"Hello, there Grandma. It's a long time since I have seen you."

"Now don't bother me, I'm learning what to do with this new toy."

"Hey, be impressed, I can clap hands for mummy"

"Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! Oh my belly hurts from giggling. Cousin James has me in hysterics watching him juggle. (I'm sitting on another cousin's lap she's hanging on to me or else I would roll off with laughter.)"

" Ouch! My teeth are coming through, I need to bite on this toy.........No that doesn't help I'll toss this one away onto the floor."

"Maybe my big toe will do the trick. Ahhh no, my belly is too fat and in the way. Ho Hum, actually I'm ready for a snooze."

While Fox slept we went for a walk on the beach along the edge of the bay.

Then we too went to our B&B for a rest.

I savoured the view........

.......and then had a spa bath.  This life is easy to take.


  1. Gorgeous grandson - love your captions!
    Super Guesthouse/B'n B - I could happily move in there and forget to move out! You clearly had a wonderful time - looking forward to the wedding pictures...when they're ready :)

  2. Beautiful photo's of your lovely grandson, he is a great guy. The B&B looks very relaxed to stay in. I think the weddingphoto's have to wait until the magazine OK has published? I am looking forward to yours.

  3. You guessed right. No photos until after the Magazine has pubished theirs.

  4. Diane,
    Lovely photos of your grandson..and my oh my your daughter has married, she looks well.
    Amazing these magazine and how they control what you can publish!

  5. Ahh..the media. They have an awful lot of power, don't they. That little guy is getting more adorable each day. He looks like he absolutely loves life.

  6. Gorgeous grandson === and what a beautiful place you had to stay. (It's a tough life, but somebody has to do it ;>))..... your family stories and pictures are a lovely bonus, whenever you publish them .

    I hope you are staying dry (I am very bad with geography even where I live -- so I don't know if you are close to the flooding or not). One of my goals for the year is to find all my favorite blogger's spots on the atlas and mark them with a (virtual) thumbtack! This blogging stuff is keeping my aging brain active.

  7. Fox is adorable! You must spend all your time "nibbling" on those toes and making him chuckle. He's a poster child for Happy Baby!

  8. Is he ever so cute ! and quiet chubby ! I think at that age they become interesting.
    Your B & B looks great ! Would be something for me too. I was very happy with the hotel I found in Amsterdam, a Best Western, quality and price perfect.

  9. happy happy cubby bubby! How we love him! xxx

  10. What a happy baby! He brings a smile to my face, as he obviously does to everyone else too.

    Looks like was very good indeed!

  11. Fox is absolutely precious. What a joy it must have been to be able to spend time with him.
    I really like your picture of the beach.

  12. Looks like you packed a lot in to a few days. Fox is growing so fast!

  13. Aw, Fox is just adorable. I'll bet grandma enjoyed every second of the visit. And the place where you stayed was fabulous.

    When I saw your opening paragraph I thought to myself there had to be a magazine with a photo exclusive, looks like I guessed right. Oh well, the price you pay for a celebrity in the family.

  14. I would love to visit this place. Looks so relaxing. What a wonderful way to celebrate a happy occasion together. And that Fox -- what a cutie!

    I bet your photos will beat the heck out of that magazine's photos!

  15. Fox is adorable and getting so big! Isn't it the best feeling ti hug and kiss him? I miss my grandson so much when I have to leave him and return home.

    Your B&B looked divine! I wish i had a spa tub in my home.

    Looking forward to the wedding photos!

  16. Looking forward to the wedding shots when we can see them, at least we got a peek preview with your previous post. The little man sure is growing.

  17. Diane, Fox is just adorable. Cute picture! I am sure you wee happy to spend time with him. I am looking forward to the wedding photo also. But these are nice, what a great B&B. The beach shot is pretty too.

  18. I see what you mean about the big toe. We dont have the toe in the mouth trick yet, just the touchings.

    We dont have clapping or waving yet. But they are a joy, aren't they. I was reading to Alannah the other day. I hope she gets as much out of that as I do.

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  20. Hi Diane;) just back from a mid-week visit with our precious grands (and their parents) in the mountains. I thought you were waiting for the media to have the first publication before you could publish. What a SWEETIE that little Fox is. He looks so grown and alert. Have a great weekend. Jo

  21. You know..I think you need to feed that little boy more...hahaha! Look at those cheeks!

    He is about the pretties little boy I have seen..all blue eyes and sparkling hair!

  22. What a precious little boy, Diane. I love to hear babies do that 'belly laugh'.... He is obviously a very happy baby.

    Great pictures and your B&B looked like a gorgeous place. I'm sure you needed some R&R after all of those big festivities...

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hi Diane - Wow - what a busy but wonderful and obviously very special time you have had over the Christmas period. Beautiful photos as always and what an adorable Grandson you have.