Underwood Park, QLD

Friday, January 14, 2011


There are many stories about badly damaged houses and businesses due to our floods. However, the people of Queensland are rallying together to help one another to get over the trauma. Many houses and buildings in our city of Brisbane have been damaged. One of these buildings is our premier sports stadium.

The Suncorp Stadium has two feet of water covering the pitch and more in the change rooms .

Humour still survives in these dire times. Outside the stadium is a statue of one of our most famous Rugby League Players from years ago, Wally Lewis. Some jokers wanted to make sure he would survive the flood.

 Inside the stadium is where my favourite Football Team, "The Roar" are supposed to play on Sunday. The game has been postponed but this, their home ground will not be ready for use for a month or more. They have to find alternative pitches for their next 4 games or more.

For anyone who doesn't know I am a soccer nut and love my Brisbane Roar. For years they struggled to get in the finals but this year with a new coach, they have improved very much and they are now on top of the ladder and 12 points ahead of their nearest rival. They haven't been beaten in the last 21 games.

On Wednesday night when Brisbane was flooding they had to play an away game. It was hard for them after seeing pictures of their home ground under water and some of their own families affected. However, wearing black arm bands and a heavy heart they went out and gave Queenslanders something to be happy about .
The Roar play in Orange and White
(Article from the web)
WITH the fate of their homes and families in the back of their minds, Brisbane Roar stepped up to produce a brilliant game of football and a nailbiting 3-all draw with Central Coast in Gosford last night.
In what was unquestionably the game of the season, the Brisbane Roar came back twice in this six-goal thriller and played with 10 men for the last 17 minutes to stretch their unbeaten run to 21 games.

Emotional Roar coach Ange Postecoglou said it had been a tough day."Obviously when we arrived here we started getting calls. A lot of the boys are personally affected in terms of where they live and obviously it's a little bit uncertain. It does play on your mind," Postecoglou said.

"We spoke about it before the game that we represent the city and state and it was important tonight we put in a massive effort maybe to give the people of Queensland something to cheer about momentarily for what they are going through."


  1. Diane, thank you so much for the update. I know it is hard talking about it right now and seeing your hometown in such devastation. What proud and strong people they are though! You should be very proud.

  2. Diane, I have been hearing and seeing photos of these horrible floods. I am glad to hear the people are rallying to help each other. Your soccer team is doing well, congrats to them.

  3. Diane, I am heartbroken by the stories of loss and devastation. Queenslanders have shown enormous strength and fortitude in the face of adversity and Anna Bligh has shown great leadership.
    My thoughts and prayers to all and the best of luck to your 'football' team Brisbane Roar

  4. Hi Diane! That's terrible!! I wonder what happened to the Botanic Garden by the river where I once went for a stroll while staying at a fabulous Hotel nearby...
    Tragedy is flying fast; now it came to Brazil...

    The Nile 2010 is coming an end! But the temple of Philae surely deserves a comment. Blogtrotter Two has it. Enjoy and have a superb weekend!

  5. I admire the strong people of Queensland, that they can have some humor with the statue, great!
    Now comes the biggest part, the cleaning and thousand other things to do. Didn't know your fascination with football. All the best.

  6. My boys can empathise with you here as the Hillsborogh ground where their beloved Sheffield Wednesday play was badly flooded in 07 as it lies right next to the river Don. Hopefully, once normality returns, the sunny weather will dry everything out quickly. xxxxxx

  7. My husband told me they got notice that the flooding continues to rise today :( I hope it begins to recede soon and that clean up and rebuilding can take place in all of Queensland.

    We also love soccer, and other sports, so I know how disappointing it must be to not be able to see your team play, especially when they are doing so well!

  8. The stadium looks like a huge swimming pool ! Terrible !
    Although I am not a football fan at all I can imagine how the players felt in this moment.

  9. As the reports of Queensland continue to come in, the one thing that keeps shining through all the destruction and horror is the spirit of the people. You are all amazing! There would be much whining and sniveling if this had happened here, not jokes and tongue-in-cheek dressing of statues in snorkel gear, while getting on with getting on. The attitude of you Queenslanders is inspiring.

  10. Love the humor, that statue made me laugh.

    And kudos to the Brisbane Roar!

  11. Hi Diane, glad you're still above water and giving us the real story. What a wonderful team you support. I would have been choked up watching your team with black arms bands playing their hearts out for their city. BTW did you follow the World Cup soccer in South Africa last year? Thinking of you and your "townspeople" today and always. Heartfelt prayers for you all. Jo

  12. What resolve and grit you all have! Good for you! And, I *LOVE* the humor in the chaos..strength speaks to you all!

  13. Diane

    Can the "Brisbane Roar" play water soccer?? They play 'water polo' and the horses don't drown! ha ha!
    Doesn't look too bright the weather at present! Surely we can't get anymore to hamper the massive clean-up operation.

  14. With a positive attitude like that of the person who gave the statue a snorkel, Queenslanders will be back sooner than anyone expects.
    The Roar reminds me of the professional football team in New Orleans that provided inspiration after the hurricane several years ago.

  15. Beautiful post, Diane... OH --how it hurts to see so much water in that soccer stadium... I noticed that you all call soccer, football... Here--they are two totally different sports. Football is 'my' sport--and I don't know much about soccer.. My sons all played football.

    We did get out today to get some groceries and run some errands. The main roads were good and the back roads were fair with snow and ice still on many of them.. It was nice to get out though.

    Have a good weekend. I still am praying for the people in Brisbane who have lost so much due to the floods.

  16. Thank you for keeping us updated. We care.

  17. I don't know the half of the devastation in our country. I have only seen pictures and watched the happenings on TV.
    Everyone is effected in a different way. Some people will move on well, others will need a helping hand and there are those who won't cope at all. Time they say heals, but to some, time never heals.
    Good on your team, play their game and forget their woes.

    I saw that photo of Wally, and it made me smile :)

  18. Its good that people can still laugh. The way that everyone is pulling together is wonderful. I feel useless sitting down here safe and dry. All I can do is follow blogs and forums, send best wishes and donate. Wish I could do more but without the skills they need I'd be a nuisance.

  19. Love your photos so so much, esp the header!!
    Gotta love Queenslanders!!

  20. Nice to find your blog today but horrified at the flood pics...so traumatic. You have documented well for us to see though. Like the piano photo!