Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, July 24, 2011

THE BIG APPLE and trying to find Apple

 After saying goodbye to Lynne and Bonnie in Visalia, Chuck and Lois drove us all the way back to Sonya and Bernie's place in LA. It was a three hour drive and then they had another three hour drive back to San Louis O'Bispo. That is hospitality for you.
 The next day we went to the Apple store nearby and bought an iPad2 so that Bill could blog en route. He was assured that it was possible.
Later we were given baby sitting duties as mum and dad had been invited to be in the audience of a live TV show.
We had fun playing with Fox, as well as feeding him, changing nappies/diapers, bathing him and putting him to bed.
Grossvati was so excited he couldn't hold the camera still.
I also did a load of washing and packed for our big tour across the States. We flew to New York the next day and got the super shuttle to our hotel in 29th Street. It was evening when we arrived. After we settled in we walked to nearby 7th Av and found a bar grill for dinner. Alas, that night Bill discovered that he could not load pictures onto his blog on the new iPad. Uh, oh, I had one grumpy travel companion. 'Tomorrow we are going to find an Apple Store and see what can be done." (and here's me thinking we were going sight seeing doh!) So the next day we look up the addresses of Apple stores in The Big Apple. We find 2, one in 14th St and one in 59th St. We opted for 14th St as it was closer. After walking 15 blocks ( I did some sight seeing on the way) we found the Apple store no longer existed so we turned around and headed towards 59th St.
 We balked at walking 45 blocks so we caught a yellow cab (well that's a must do when in NY)

 We discovered that 59th St is next to Central Park, I was getting excited now as we would be sight seeing after all. We found the Apple store clothed in scaffolding but still open for business 24 hrs. They were apologetic but couldn't help Bill solve the problem. To cheer him up I agreed on a hotdog with sauerkraut for lunch. (I don't like hotdogs but when in New York da d da d da.)

 We walked through the iconic Central Park.

 It was very romantic. I couldn't believe we were actually here in this famous park.

 Then we decided to walk down 5th Av towards our hotel until we got tired but it was too exciting to get tired.  We walked past all the famous, swanky stores.

 Then we turned down Broadway to Times Square. All these places we had read about and seen on TV, we were actually there.

 Broadway is closed to traffic and is just a sea of humanity. Bill loved it, I'm a bit spooked by crowds, but it sure was exciting, bustling, throbbing and alive.

 We found 7th Av and walked on towards 29th and our hotel only another 13 blocks to go. "Hey look down there...It's the Empire State Building"

Almost home just past Madison Square Garden which is neither square or a garden but a round building. We made it! 30 blocks! But oh what fun. There is so much to see here and not enough time.


  1. You were just a couple of hours from me when you were in NY! I don't go very often, but when I do, I stand around and gawk like the tourist I am! Something new amazes me on every adventure to NY!

  2. what a wonderful time you had! glad you are back though!

  3. I'm impressed you walked 45 blocks!!! Great photos, we really must get up there sometime. Always been a bit put off by crowds myself but some things you just can't miss, like this great tour of NY. Fun to see through these superb photos, thanks Diane.

  4. thanks for the visit, i did not realize you went to NYC. wow! what a trip. and all this looks just like what we see in the movies which is all i have ever seen. i was there at age 8 but only remember the empire state building.

  5. Wow, that was quite a hike! But I'm guessing that's really the best way to see NYC. You did get to see and do a lot of New York things.

  6. Hi Diane, Glad you enjoyed the Big Apple... Sorry the Apple Store couldn't help you. Doesn't your camera use a SD card? George uploads pictures all of the time onto his iPad...What was the problem? So Sorry.. I know Bill was not happy!!!!

    Great set of pictures --but you know me.. I'd much rather be at Yosemite... ha


  7. What a contrast to Yosemite, but still amazing in a different way. Dont show my daughter this - she would love to go to NY. x

  8. Boy Diane, you guys have been very busy. Looks like you found all the well known places in New York. Great photos, by the way.

  9. Fantastic shots mum!!! Such an exciting town!

  10. I've done a lot of walking when I've been in NYC. When I was younger walking was faster than taking a cab. I'm not sure that will be the case nowadays.
    I'm sorry Bill had problems uploading pictures to his blog. That's something I've never tried to do, so I'm afraid I can't help much. I have a feeling that the blog does not know how to find things on iOS devices, but that is only a guess.

  11. Thank God, you do plenty of walking here in training sessions! - you certainly did plenty on day 1 in NYC!
    What happened? Didn't you eat your hotdog in front of Tiffanys! If Audrey could do it, why not a Bohlen? Thank God the weather "gods" were on your side.
    I did heaps of what you did in averse conditions, snow, slush and a chill factor that cut you into pieces. Great shots Diane.
    Colin (HB)

  12. wow, what an interesting post and great photos as usual. love central park.

  13. Hi Diane, I loved your photos of New York. It has been years since I have been there. It is a crowded city. I am happy you got to do your sightseeing and I am sorry about the Ipad and photos. I wonder why it will not load the pictures.

  14. I feel like I was there with you. Great pics.

  15. I have an I Pad and I can't seem to blog from it as it does not understand or support the HTML of Blogger. It is something I will have to work on as they say there is an "app" for it! Has Bill found an Apple store there in Brisbane that can assist him in uploading photos?

    You photos of NYC are wonderful! It may be crowded but it is so alive because of that very thing!

  16. It sounds like you really did have a great time and to walk all that way you must have had good shoes on or you would have had really sore feet when you got back to the hotel......

    Love the photos you have shared they are wonderful.......

  17. Your pictures are marvellous, Diane! And, boy! You sure did get a lot of exercise, but FUN exercise, although I'm sure your feet were a little achey and glad to be allowed to escape from the confines of your shoes once you got back to your hotel room :)

    Fox is such a little cutie! How lucky to have had him all to yourselves for a few hours.

    Looking forward to the next episode of this exciting holiday!

  18. We enjoyed the horse carriage ride when we were there about 15 years ago.

  19. You did see a lot, you keep walking and looking at the first visit. I remember I felt like walking in a movie, I saw so much buildings I recognized from movies.

  20. That's one thing I like about New York the blocks are small, but oh so very tall.

  21. That little Fox is about the cutest and prettiest little boy I have ever seen. He is adorable.

    You'll should see if he could do some pics for baby ads.

  22. I hope you will post pictures of your frogs one of these days. I bet it was so exciting to watch your grandson try to take his first steps!! Looks like you really enjoyed NY. Hope you eventually got the apple issues sorted out.