Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, July 17, 2011


After a whirlwind, five week tour of USA we are back home. Tours are fun but it is always good to get home. We left for LA from Brisbane on 8 June.  We were picked up at the airport by our daughter, Sonya and SIL Bernie, who now live in West Hollywood. It was great to see them again and especially our little grandson, Fox.

 We left Brisbane at 10:55 am on Wednesday 8 June.

 We flew for 13 hours, mostly in the dark and arrived in LA at 7:00 am on Wednesday 8 June. Talk about travelling back in time!

 The long flight was worth it to see this gorgeous little fellow.

All together in LA.

 We visited the interactive Science Centre. Fox is obsessed with pressing buttons so he loved it there.

 They took us to The Getty Center, a collection of buildings perched on a hill in Brentwood overlooking LA. The buildings house a huge collection of art works, it is a grand museum/art gallery. There is also a research centre, a conservation centre and the Getty Foundation. The gardens are a treat too. I was chuffed to see the painting, 'Irises' by Vincent van Gogh.

On other days we visited 'The Grove' an open air mall and...

Pasadena Flea market. It is huge. There is a big population of Mexican people and they are fascinated by the fair haired, blue eyed Fox, who was supposed to be having a nap but it was all too interesting......

especially when Grossvati was arrested by the CA Police.

I was so lucky to meet up with a blogger friend from LA. Sara has a very nice blog, "Come Away With Me", she has poetic prose and artistic photos. She often discusses art and books, which she adores. Sara and the musician were so kind to drive over to meet us. She gave me a hand knitted scarf and gave the family, a bag of home grown avocados. It is fun to meet a real live blogger friend from the other side of the world.


  1. Welcome home. It's been five weeks already? Time goes fast when you're having a good time.

    Hi to Sara, too.

    Looking forward to your posts, Diane.

  2. glad you are home safe and sound. looks like a wonderful time was had by all. hope there was not jail time involved in "the arrest" LOL. fox is definitely a fox. so cute and i bet it was fun watching the people watch him. he looks like a happy baby. like the family shot, more pilot light for future memories. 13 hours is a long flight so i am thinking you have some rest to catch up on.

  3. Welcome back! Fox looks totally gorgeous with those blonde curls. I know about the 'button pressing' fixation.

  4. Welcome home Diane, lovely to read this post and know that you are safely back after such a great adventure. I look forward to reading your holiday posts very much.

  5. welcome home Diane. i've missed your lovely blogs and photos and look forward to reading all about your travels. as you say, it's always good to come home.

  6. Welcome home/back, Diane! We have all missed you, but knowing you were off having a wonderful time with the family made your absence easier to bear ;)

    Fox gets more and more adorable! I can guess how heartsore you were at having to say goodbye again!

    Super pictures of what was quite obviously a really WONDERFUL holiday, Diane and we look forward to hearing & seeing plenty more once you've got your bearings back again.

  7. Diane
    Welcome back! It looks like you had a wonderful trip.

    I was just East of Pasadena, in San Dimas, visiting my daughter over the 4th of July. Too bad we didn't get a chance to meet.

    Looking forward to your trip stories. Fox is just beautiful.
    Blessings - Marsha

  8. Welcome home, Diane. Glad you are back... I did follow you all on Bill's blog and through Colin.

    I know that the tour was nice --but I'll bet that the best part was seeing that precious grandson.

    Sorry it was overcast/cloudy when you were at the Grand Canyon.

    We are thinking about taking another trip in September up into the New England states... We're just in the planning stages...


  9. Welcome back ! I started to misss you ! I tried to follow your trip on Bill's blog, but I was away too (2 weeks in Istanbul, wonderful)
    You have been in all the places I have been at least 20 years ago when my aunt still lived and we often went to the States.
    You must be quiet tired by now !
    Toby is growing too you can see him here
    7 1/2 months 8 kgs and 73 cm ! my poor arms !

  10. Welcome back. Fox is cuter than ever, and I know you enjoyed each minute with him. It was neat that you could meet a blogging friend while you were in LA.
    I hope Bill likes his iPad as much as I like mine. I've never tried to post from my iPad, however.

  11. We miss you over here in the States! Come back. It was fun following you because I'd been to nearly every place you went. Loved it.

  12. Welcome home, Diane! I was following some your hubby's blog too. I was away on a cruise for a week also. I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Fox is adorable, wonderful photos.

  13. Welcome back Diane! I've missed you but glad you got to see the family and that beautiful curly-haired grandson. I look forward to more of your travels. Great that you met with a fellow blogger. I think you were away, when I met a Canadian blogger, Penny, (Joyful) here in Kenya. Always so special. BTW I'm fascinated by the time travel - imagine having to do a day over again and you probably haven't had much sleep. Wow. Hope you've caught up now though. Have a great week. Jo

  14. So great you are back, I followed you so now and then on Bill's blog, but am looking forward to more pictures and stories. The little Fox looks wonderful grown up. By the way I saw in Norway a group of Cosmos, they were doing a dazzling tour through Europe. You must be a strong person to follow the fast forward tour.

  15. Hi Diane! It's good to know you are home safely, and I look forward to all your stories and certainly won't be boring me! It was so great to meet you and the family in person. Little Fox is so adorable! I can't wait to hear about your tour of the USA!

    The Musician and I still talk about "chuner," remembering the story Sonya told!

  16. Welcome back Diane - can't wait to hear your stories - your family all look so well. Fox is growing up really fast! xxx

  17. Hi Diane
    Welcome back. A wonderful trip to catch up with the family.

  18. It was fun to follow your trip on Bill's blog. You certainly saw a lot of the USA, with a lot of variety.
    And it really is great to meet a fellow-blogger, isn't it?

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  19. Welcome back to you both. Glad to know you had a fabulous trip and lots of adventures (whatever did Bill get up to at the flea market... ha ha!).
    A bloggie break is always revitalising. It's beaut to see your blog popping up with recent posts once again :D)

  20. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome home. I came down with a bad dose of bronchitis on the tour bus and I am very tired but I will try to catch up with all your blogs soon.

  21. Welcome back Diane - that time has gone so.. quickly. Your little grand-son Fox is adorable! Look forward to hearing more about your travels.

  22. What a coincidence. I left for Italy on the 8th of June and flew home on the 11th of July. I haven't been posting either and will look forward to hearing all about your trip. Welcome Home!

  23. Welcome home Diane! I look forward to reading about all your American adventures! Fox is so adorable and getting so big!

    I am so sad and sorry I couldn't meet you and Bill :( My darn eye problem was still so painful at that time. My doctor was finally able to help it heal by putting a contact lens "bandage" over my cornea last weekl so that the corneal tissue could grow underneath it. She told me she had to wait till the infection I had cleared up to do this so that is why I had to wait so long. It was a terrible ordeal...almost 3 months long! Thankfully, I am able to finally see from both eyes now and have no further pain.

    Rest and feel better!

  24. Welocme home! I'm so grateful you called me and it was so good to hear your voice. Sounds like you hae a fabulous time and can that beby be ANY CUTER? Boy, watch out girls :-)

    Now get some rest and we'll see photos and hear great storeis and we'll ejnoy every moment :-)

  25. Those five weeks have flown by it only seems like yesterday that you flew out and now you are back home again.

  26. welcome back! you've been missed!

    looks like you had a wonderful time, these photos are very reflective!
    can't wait to see more!

    betty xx

  27. Welcome back (better late...). Your blog could never bore anybody. I enjoyed all these pictures..

    (I am way behind on reading my favs because of our (not-so-adventurous) roadtrip. Nice to be settled down in one spot and to have more computer time.)