Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, January 22, 2010


We have had an empty nest for 13 years but now and then the young ones return for a visit and this weekend is one of those times. Our eldest, Carol-Ann and husband David have returned to live in Australia after after living in London for seven years.

They have arrived in Brisbane via Singapore. Here comes Carol for a hug.

Nothing feels better than a hug from a loved one after being apart for a long time.

Carol came home with us and David went home with his parents to Sandgate but on Thursday we all went over to Sandgate for fish and chips by the bay, it was very breezy. They look happy to be back in a warm place after freezing London. After lunch we went to the airport to pick up our youngest daughter, Sonya and partner Bernie, who came from Sydney to visit. We were all looking forward to seeing the baby bump.

It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to see your daughters hug each other.

That sure is a new look Sonya, who has always been thin. iPop in the background looking very proud.

All home and excited to be together again and with something extra special to be excited about. Carol is waiting to feel a kick from her nephew.


  1. Oh wow, diane, this sure brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful family you have. Carol has the most glorious head of hair. And Sonja is positively glowing. Enjoy your chillen - blessings and hugs Jo

  2. Beautiful daughters of a beautiful Mum..and that baby bump? Juat too too wonderful!
    Enjoy your time together and have a great fun and loving week-end :-)

  3. How wonderful for you too have your little chickens under your wing again ! and you will be a grandma soon ! I am also waiting for this moment, but unfortunately nothing is underway yet !

  4. I'm glad, Diane, the family is together, congratulations!!


  5. What heartwarming pictures. What a lovely family you have.
    Sunny :)

  6. Diane, nice. :) I feel happy seeing these pics.

  7. Diane, I'm so happy for you----having your kids at home. Having both daughters together has to be wonderful!!!! Love the pictures. The one of you and Carol hugging is wonderful... AND the one of the upcoming baby with his/her aunt is fabulous also...

    How glorious this must be for you all...

  8. I am so happy for you. I know you and Bill are in Heaven right now. Enjoy your precious family, and share the joy of this new baby on the way.

  9. It is always lovely to read about a family enjoying each others company.

    Wonderful photos.

    best wishes

  10. Wonderful photos to use in a new photo essay. Have a great time. Enjoy!

  11. Lovely - the love & happiness is radiating from your photos!!!! "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body..." ♥ Ida

  12. Good to note that David has a fine sense of colour in his attire - I believe I do have now a "follower" of exquisitive elegance!
    Keep up the colour theme, David, only those in the yellow colour theme with certain other variations, light blue is advisable, enjoy life to the full!
    Well done Carol-Ann, you have chosen wisely!
    Of course BB is possibly having "nightmares"
    - I can see him - "Oh God more yellow"!

    "Yellow Mellow" Snr.

  13. Wonderful photos, Diane of happy family moments. How great to all be together again.

  14. Forgot to mention, don't ever try to claim Carol-Ann is not your daughter (hee hee). She is your clone in her smile and face for sure. The picture of you and she hugging is amazing!

  15. You must be one very happy family. Enjoy!!!!

  16. The photos are wonderful Diane, everyone looks so happy. How great it must be to have your family together again. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.

  17. You have a beautiful family!!! So happy for you Diane, children coming home and a grandbaby on the way? Wow, that is truly fantastic!!!!

  18. Awww, so sweet. Both of your girls are beautiful. and I love the photo of sharing the baby move--that is just precious!

  19. Lovely to have your family home....enjoy :)

  20. Good for you! And Australia Day!