Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last week Carol and David spent a day at GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art). They love art galleries and have visited many in Europe but they think our GoMA is very good and a cool place to visit in hot weather. We joined them for lunch at the GoMA restaurant. The restaurant always change their menu to compliment the latest art exhibition. At the moment it is the 6th Asian Pacific Triennial Contemporary Art exhibition, so the menu was Japanese.

We started by sipping an Australian red.

David had eye fillet.

Carol and Bill had chicken curry.

I had garlic prawns.

All the meals were delicious. We decided to have a stroll through the gallery before going home. They allow photos but not flash. These days there are less and less pictures on the walls and more and more installations. The first one to catch my attention was this: (Can you guess what it is?)

It is hanging from the ceiling in the corridors.

This is looking up at it from the ground floor.(above)

This is looking down at it from floors above.

Can you guess now?

It is made of six thousand A3 sheets of paper held together with bulldog clips.

Unfortunately, I couldn't be bothered taking notes on the artists or the names of their art works, but I was entertained with what I saw and I'll show you more later.

As you can see from the comment below, my friends, Judyth and Richard, have kicked my butt and dragged me out of my lethargy and coerced me into looking up information about the art that I saw. I have made a link to the GoMA site and I will give you a little info about the pieces.

The above piece is called Cloud by Wit Pimkanchanapong

Cloud responds to and transforms the dramatic interior spaces of the Gallery of Modern Art. Comprised of A3 paper, bulldog clips and metal wire, this piece is based on a signature motif that Pimkanchanapong initially developed for a rock concert venue to create a cheap, effective means of transforming the environment. Wit trained as an architect.


  1. WE are with Carol and David, Diane.
    No visit to a major city should be concluded without taking in the galleries (or museums as they're known in the US).
    So we're sure your goodself and Billy B. would take in the works on display in good old (and expensive) Switzerland when you're there.
    And yes, in Museums of MODERN Art installations are more prevalent than static displays --- read, pictures hung from the walls.
    New York, London and Paris have some of the world's most famous galleries. Berlin has an entire precinct devoted to gallleries/museums.
    It's a sheer delight to wander around these iconic places. Will we have to Google the Brisbane establishment to discover the artists' names for the installations you have captured.
    Piccies without captions leave the job half-done !!

    Judyth and R.

  2. *chuckle*

    Do youse ever go anywhere without have a good feed at the same time?

    Is it bucketing down this weekend? The BoM site seems to indicate that it is.

    Just a little cloudy as the arvo progresses down here but nary a spit of rain.

  3. Oops Judyth and Richard..... So sorry about the captions. You are right ..the job is only half done. I should have been more diligent, forgetting that I have Art connoisseurs reading my blog.I will try to do research on the following pics.

  4. Julie: Carol and David are foodies too as well as art lovers. It is raining on and off but not real heavy, just nice for the garden and cooling us down a little.

  5. What a lovely place to go. I love galleries. Your pics are great. All the food pics look amazing. Nicely presented and all looks so yummy. I like the installation a lot. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I would never have guessed that it was paper held together by clips. Looked heavier - plastic/perspex. Excellent. Your photos are brilliant. The food is so colourful and the small portions would tempt my hubby who loves food but not HUGE plates-ful.A really spectacular art gallery and restaurant. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. I thought it was a plastic construction too. Having a delicious meal, viewing art, enjoying family time and staying cool is hard to beat.

  8. oh i tot there were window blinds initially.. very creative...

  9. I love reading about the places you go, seeing your pictures, and your comments on my blog. How is your daughter and her "famous" boyfriend doing?

  10. What a fun life you live dear lady? I will be so thankful when I get back to the point of being able to do something like this once again. It has been a very, very depression time lately. I am so discouraged right now. So what am I doing? More decorating at the house (heehee).

    I also have never cared much for this contempoary art (give me Monet, Renois, Georgia O'Keefe, etc). But I actually ordered my very first piece of abstract art to hang over the credenza in my dining room (where my china and crystal reside and collect dust). I loved the colors, and it seemed appropriate with the changes from traditional to contemporary, modern, art deco in my home.

    I'll post a picture when it arrives. Have fun!

  11. Looks like you ALL had a great day... AND--you must have enjoyed a fabulous meal also. I'd love those big shrimp!!!!! Yum!!!!

    I enjoy museums--but don't go to them much anymore. We spend too much time OUTDOORS... ha


  12. Hi Diane, I appreciate your sharing part of your day with us at GoMA...all three lunches look so delicious, and that cloud installation is certainly interesting. Modern art has never been my favorite thing but I do find the artists' ingenuity kind of amazing at times.

  13. hi Diane, meals look delish. all restaurants should have pics like these so that you can see what it might look like. love modern art but that paper construction would need dusting at some point or is that just me? lol Fran

  14. My God!! ( no not you!)

    Just back from you know where over the weekend! Opened your blog to see the above! First impression: "What in God's name is Diane doing? Photographing hundreds of toilet rolls hanging from a roof!"

    See I am a "lover" of modern art! I appreciate the exquisite.

    The food sure looked good.

  15. Hi Diane! Sorry for the absence, but this starting of the year has been even crazier than usual!
    Chicken curry, garlic prawns and red wine? Love this Japanese meal... ;))
    Wonderful shots!
    Blogtrotter 2 is departing Miami by sea. Hope you like it and have a great week!!

  16. Trotter: Yes red wine with chicken and fish. We have doing wine tours for 15 years and I have learnt that it is old fashioned to think that you must drink red with red meat and white with white meat and fish. You can compliment food with the wine that you like the best. I'm not fussed on white wine and drink red with everything and love it!

  17. Eh hem, I'm almost embarrassed (but just not quite enough not to say it) to admit I thought it was a bunch of loo rolls.

    And your meals always look delicious.

  18. Your photos are great Diane. I think I have had my eyes opened on the more modern side of art.

  19. What's this silly comment that you must describe every item you see in a museum, in detail. Don't these people have a life? A photo is just fine. Love your blog.

  20. This was fun. I would never get to see these things if you didn't show us.


  21. Very interesting art. I'd be with you for the garlic prawns - yummo my mouth is watering.

  22. Yumm Garlic Prawns my kinda meal. Wow that a lot of A4 sheets of paper!!