Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Because we knew the young ones were coming here in late January we postponed Christmas until now. Inside we had buffet salads, prawns and BBQed Snapper Fish and.......

..........we went outside to eat in the warm evening air.For dessert we had Alma's famous trifle. Our guests were from left to right, Bernie, Sonya (hiding behind Bernie), Carol, David, Bill, Alma,(David's parents) Steve, Melody (David's sister), Erica (hiding)and Jon,(David's brother), and BB.

After dinner was our traditional gift giving time. David is giving out the gifts. It was an enjoyable evening with family.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. What a great idea to postpone Christmas and have a later one. Looked like a lot of fun Diane.

  3. Hi Diane, Merry Christmas AGAIN!!! This may be your very best Christmas... And just think---next year, there will be a baby enjoying Christmas with you all also!!!!

    Bet your England kids are 'dying' from the heat down there now... ha... It was only 25 degrees when we got up this morning... Brrrrrr.

  4. Dear Diane, you and Bill have very
    exciting days. Your family back home, expecting your grandchild any day, wonderful. It is lovely to be grandparents. I always think it also keeps one in touch with the Young ones! Happy days. T.

  5. Hi Diane, thank you for the link to that fitness website. I have left them a message - I will be joining you there soon. That is a great idea!

    Your Christmas celebration dinner sounds delicious...looks like everyone enjoyed it too!

  6. What indulgence!!! My mouth hasn't stopped watering and twitching!
    Methinks when the young ones depart for Sydney, the Bohlen seniors will be doing a lot of walking to take off any excesses!!!!!
    Great shots as always - congratulations and continue all having a great fun time.


  7. We still have our tree and decorations up waiting on a visit from our Idaho daughter and family. We always have someone play Santa too. They have to wear a Santa hat! You all look to be having a wonderful time. Lovely family!

  8. What a good idea ! Christmas in January. It looks as if everybody had a great time and your buffet makes my mouth water, although it's only 7 am, lol !

  9. What a special time with your family and friends, diane.

  10. It may have been late but everyone was together, isn't that what holidays are all about?