Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Made it to Singapore

Thank you to all the people who wished our daughter and son in law a safe trip home from London. They were lucky to take off from Heathrow just before another snow storm struck. Their phones didn't work in Singapore so it was a day before they could get to send us an email to say that they had arrived in Singapore safely but not without drama. They are staying there for a week's holiday before continuing home next Tuesday.


  1. They really were lucky ! It was quite a mess in London's airports ! Another week and you can welcome them home !

  2. Praise God, diane! We continue to pray for their safe arrival next week. I love Carol-Anne's comment on your blog about their departure! She sounds like a lovely person, like her parents! (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. No matter how old the off-spring, you worry on their behalf. Good to know they are at the next stage.

  4. Ah, I checked your blog a couple of times and when I saw no updates, I assumed they had gotten there safely and you were enjoying having them there. I hadn't checked today, snow again, and that just seems to make everything hectic.

    Glad to see that got off ok and that they were not delayed.

    Yes Hilmar's family are all in SA, so it will be a while before we see them, but I understand we will be going out there this Christmas, it has been said his folks will pay for us to fly over, time will tell. If we do then I'll get to see baby. But my sister is also expecting and due nest month, so there will be another baby nearer by.

  5. can you imagine what it would be like at the airport in london? chaos. they were very lucky indeed. won't be long now :)

  6. WE spent 5 days in Singapore at the end of November as the closing period of 8 weeks away.
    Great city and even tho' there's high rise buildings just everywhere -- and more going up as we speak -- the authorities have retained older historic areas such as Little India and Chinatown.
    In Time Out's big 2009 coffee table book entitled The World's Greatest Cities (75 in all) Singers ranks as equal No. 34 with Edinburgh, Moscow, Seville (Spain) and Venice.
    No surprise about the Top Four: in order, New York; London; Paris; Berlin; then eq. 5th Tokyo, Chicago and Barcelona.
    Time Out people are regarded as the top travel writers on cities in the business. Lonely Planet, Rough Guide et al are more your general overall guides and some dismiss LP editions as just bibles for backpackers.We still like LP, however.

    -- Richard and Judyth

  7. It is always nerve wrecking when those we love are traveling long distances. Glad they made it out before the snow safely. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

  8. Hi Diane. Good news that your daughter and son-in-law missed being snowbound at Heathrow. Not long now and they will soon be home. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying her time in Australia and doing some amazing things. She loved the koala park. It's a shame she's missed this winter weather, the last time we had this much snow she was a little girl on a sledge!!

  9. Very sensible decision to endeavour to acclimatise with the Singapore stopover. Will prepare Carole and her husband for the "sweltering" of Brisbane. I hope Diane that you have that airconditioner working at top level in your home?
    Have loads of fun when they arrive - I guess I'll hear the screams of glee from the airport way over here - 10 or more kilometers away. Yes, I have the ear-plugs ready.

  10. I'm glad to hear they got out of Heathrow before the snow came. There is nothing like being stranded at an airport. At least you know where they are and when to expect them home.

  11. Glad your 'kids' made it out of London... I know they must be enjoying a nice vacation in Singapore.

    Thanks for the update, Diane.